Lowell Sun: Ogo say’s “game on”, Donoghue vs. Nangle, and Rising Farm Star

I stayed up at the Parents house this weekend and opened today’s Lowell Sunday Sun and was struck by three stories.  First Jim Ogonowski in a sit down interview with Matt Murphy on Friday made his run vs. John Kerry official.

Republican Jim Ogonowski, just three months removed from his first-ever campaign for political office, will challenge Sen. John Kerry for a seat in the U.S. Senate.

Ogonowski, a Dracut hay farmer and retired lieutenant colonel from the Air National Guard, ran a surprisingly strong, albeit unsuccessful campaign for Congress last fall, falling 6 percent short of U.S. Rep. Niki Tsongas.

Ogonowski, 50, now hopes to parlay that performance into a statewide campaign for Senate against one of the country’s most recognizable senators in Kerry, the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee.

“People are absolutely fed up with Washington. Nothing’s getting accomplished. There’s too much squabbling, and nobody represents that status quo more so than John Kerry,” said Ogonowski, sitting down with The Sun in the kitchen of his Dracut home to formally declare his candidacy.

In the “Column” there are rumors that Eileen Donoghue has not taken too kindly to being jerked around by David Nangle’s on again off again flirtation with the Seargent at Arms position.  

The money is on Donoghue taking Nangle on this September in a Dem primary.

But there is increasing talk in the Mill City that Donoghue could indeed run against Nangle, the scion of a large and well-known political family that includes his uncle, former state Sen. Dan Leahy, and his cousins, School Committee member John Leahy and City Councilor Michael Lenzi. …..

……Publicly, Donoghue doesn’t say much other than she’s considering running against Nangle.

A NANGLE-DONOGHUE match would certainly be a slugfest.

Finally, in a nice bookend to the Ogonowski story I led with.  Matt Viera an 18 year old Lowell Catholic High School Senior, who was so upset with Ogonowski’s loss that he vowed in a letter to the editor to carry on Jim’s fight by running for Lowell City Council in 2010 got the front page Style section treatment.

Matt Vieira is more than just a typical teen. Besides hanging out with friends and going to school, he enjoys politics and raising money for Lowell General Hospital’s Cancer Center.

“I was raised to help others,” said Vieira, 18, a Lowell Catholic High School senior.

In 2006, he founded Friends Who Care Association to raise money for cancer patients at Lowell General.

It’s a spinoff of his work as a regular participant in the hospital’s annual TeamWalk for Cancer Care. Today, he’s on the walk’s advisory committee.  …….

……The event last March attracted more than 200 people, including then-Mayor Bill Martin and City Councilor Edward “Bud” Caulfield. They raised more than $10,000 for the Cancer Center.

They hope to sell more than 400 tickets and raise $15,000 at this year’s event, which is scheduled Saturday, March 1, at the hall.

I am looking forward to Matt’s contribution to our party and welcome him to the farm team.  

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