Is McCain poised for a Massachusetts upset?

Where will the independents go next Tuesday? Will they, in the Bay State’s open primary, choose a Democratic ballot or a Republican one? This question could be answered in part by the independents who will may leave other states to carry the water for McCain. The action appears to be on the Democratic side, where a good street fight has been long in the making Clinton v. Obama. Meanwhile, the incredible shrinking Republican Party in Massachusetts may find a majority of its rank rattling Romney. McCain has a moderate appeal. He also has a former governor, Jane Swift, who apparently has scores to settle.

Also, McCain has shown strength in Massachusetts before. He scored a major victory in the state’s 2000 presidential primary against George W. Bush, even while Bush appeared to be cruising to the nomination. Also, the number of Republicans registered in Massachusetts has shrunk 5 percent since the last presidential election, to 485,959, while the ranks of unaffiliated voters who are eligible to vote in either party primary have swelled to more than 2 million.

More intriguing are the scores of Giuliani supporters in Massachusetts. Are they the king-makers on Tuesday? But the most important question will be: How will Ron Paul do? Take Paul’s vote as a hard-core base for Carla Howell’s  income tax abolition effort.

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