I support Jim Ogonowski for the 5th Congressional

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Let me start by saying I am fortunate to have worked with both Jim O. and Jeff Beatty. They are both great guys, easily likeable and hard working. That said, Massachusetts needs a candidate who can beat John Kerry. Anyone comparing both gentlemen with no bias, far more often than not will come up with the same conclusion as I did, Jeff Beatty is the only candidate in this race that can and will beat JK.

Although I respect O’s decision to run for Senate, I disagree with it, and disappointed by it. During Jims run for Congress, I knocked on doors for him, made phone calls, wrote checks, put up signs, attended events, basically anything I was asked. On the same note, Jim did everything the state party and national party asked; and they loved him for it. So much so they are now trying to apply the Peter principal to him. That is to say; they are trying to promote him to his level of incompetence. Niki Tsongas is no John Kerry, not even close when it comes to running a campaign. With our party leaders promoting Jim to run for Senate, it squanders all the work I, and many others did for Jim. Jim’s a good guy, unfortunately he’s making a bad decision.

Jeff Beatty for U.S. Senate! GO JEFF!


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