Goodridge Decision Faces New Legal Challenge

Someone forwarded this item to me. Some members of the RMG community might find it interesting:

Rev. John C. Rankin, President, Theological Education Institute (TEI) and the Mars Hill Society, recently filed a federal lawsuit, pro se, in United States District Court, District of Massachusett, challenging the 2003 Goodridge decision of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) on three grounds:

1.) Goodridge violates the nature of personhood in the Fourteenth Amendment, where rights are ascribed to all persons equally, but not to groups of persons. As well, homosexual persons or same-sex couples do not qualify as a civil rights class in federal law, and the Goodridge decision was aware of this problem, and simply refused to address it.

2.) Goodridge undermines the language and nature of unalienable rights, elevating same-sex marriage to the level of unalienable rights, without defining unalienable rights.

3.) Goodridge thus puts the new “unalienable right” of same sex-marriage in direct clash with the First Amendment unalienable rights of religious liberty for rabbis, priests and ministers to dissent from this new law, jeopardizing their freedom to only marry people according to a biblical understanding.

I don't know if this approach will ultimately work but if the suit gets any media traction it might help ignite a legitimate & serious debate on “marriage equality” which heretofore has been absent.

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