GBYR Super Tuesday Watching Party

(bumped, because the party just got better. Jay Severin has RSVPd as well as Newt Gingrich being on the conference call. – promoted by EaBo Clipper)

The Young Republican National Federation is hosting a nationwide Super Tuesday Watching party.  The Greater Boston Young Republican’s are participating in this event.  We’ve reserved the second floor of LIR Irish Pub at 903 Boylston Street for this event.  It will run from 7pm – 11 pm or longer if they’ll let us stay.

As part of the event we will be listening in on a conference call with Michael Steele the GOPAC Chairman.

We hope to see you there.

Update: Jay Severin has RSVP’d, and Newt Gingrich will be on the Conference Call at 10 pm.

Oh and Rob Willington made a kick ass video:

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