Big Romney Win in Michigan!

According to the Wall Street Journal, the vote went –

Romney – 39%

McCain – 30%

Huckabee – 16%

Paul – 6%

Thompson – 4%

Guiliani and Undecided – Tied at 3%

Hunter – @ 1,100 votes total – less than 1%

Not only was Romney’s percentage higher than the McCain win in NH, the number of votes cast in this larger state was greater as well.  In fact, even though stripped of half their delegates for breaking GOP rules about holding primaries before Feb. 5, Romney’s MI delegate haul is greater than McCain’s delegate haul with a win in NH.

So – Romney is #1 in delegates, as well as money raised by all candidates on both sides (and yes, that DOES exclude his own donations).

Pity he’ll be forced to drop out in despair soon, according to the Punditocracy…..

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