Beatty v. Ogo – National GOP Input?

It’s great that there is a healthy (and mostly positive) debate going on about whether Jeff Beatty or Jim Ogonowski would be the better candidate to take on John Kerry.

Keep in mind, John Kerry has around $10 million in his campaign account.

It looks like Beatty and Ogo are both good on the issues.  But national Republicans are hyping Ogonowski.

I’ll tell you, if the Republican National Senate Campaign were to come out and say, “If Ogonowski is the nominee, we’d put a million buck into Massachusetts to help take down John Kerry,” I’d be much more inclined to vote that way, cuz it’s gonna take lots of money, even with our grassroots momentum.

Mr. Willington, anything you can do to get the national Republican Party to help us out here?

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