The Mainstream Christians of the GOP are Bigots!

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Christians are intolerant and they would never consider voting for a Mormon because Christians are narrow-minded radicals and they are ruining the Republican Party with their hate.  Of course, that is not what Mitt Romney said yesterday, but it is not exactly what he didn’t say, either.

After a full day of reflection on Mitt’s speech I am beginning to think a whole lot less of him than I did before.  I once respected Mitt, but after yesterday’s speech he seems to be the kind of guy that yells “stop the race, because I am losing and I need to change the rules”.  What would we think of second-place Hillary Clinton if she made a speech about the contributions of women in America, stating that anyone who wouldn’t vote for her because she is a woman is intolerant?  Would we respect that?  Of course not and we would say she is playing the gender card.  But, it is okay to do it when the intended recipient of the slap-down is a Christian.  After all, they are bigots.

I believe that Mitt Romney may have cost the Republican Party the White House with this speech.  For so long the election cycle has been dominated by the Democrats and Hillary’s ability to suck the oxygen out of the room.  She seemed unbeatable.  But, just as the Republican Party was beginning to gather some media momentum and the party began to elevate a candidate that the reliable core Christian voters could support Mitt brings the race to a sudden stop, yelling “Foul”.  By doing so he has brought his own Mormon faith onto the stage for future public scrutiny and subtly labeled the mainstream Christian voters as bigots.  The Republican momentum has stopped and a new era in politics has begun.

Like it or not, Christian voters in the United States have had a strong political history.  They have been the backbone of the Republican Party with their strong conservative social values.  They are reliable, organized and powerful and were thoroughly instrumental in helping to elect Presidents such as Ronald Reagan.  Not only that, many Christian voters and activists pioneered the efforts to stop gay marriage by forcing ballot votes at the state level – something Mitt failed to do.  I guess Mitt forgot that.  I would further add that if they wish to vote for someone from a mainstream Christian denomination they have every right to do so – and Mitt Romney has no right to question their integrity or character for doing so.  I am going to venture a guess that Mitt Romney has supported Mormon politicians in the past, and not just because they were qualified, but because they were Mormon.  Is Mitt a bigot for doing so?

What Mitt Romney is too short-sighted to understand is that his little speech is going to have a ripple effect.  Already, I have heard commented on two different local talk-radio shows about how Mitt stepped up to the Christian bigotry that has terrorized the Republican Party.  I heard it from Mike Barnicle during this morning’s Imus Show and from Jay Severin last evening.  I guess I should have expected it from those two dimwitted clowns anyway.  Jay Severin acts like a giddy teenage school girl every time the name Mitt Romney is mentioned, and Mike Barnacle, need I remind you, was fired from the Boston Globe for making up false sh*t about poor people.  But trust that the anti-Christian media is going to pounce on this fast.  It played into their hands perfectly and the name calling has begun.  We are going to see a massive divide in the Republican Party because of it.  I guess Mitt Romney is up to his old tricks – do what’s best for Mitt and screw everyone else.  

What Mitt is also too short-sighted to see is that HE won’t be the recipient of any Huckabee fallout.  It doesn’t take a genius to know that if you call Christians “bigots”, albeit indirectly, they aren’t going to change their mind and support YOU.  I would guess that any fallout of Huckabee’s will go to Fred Thompson, Duncan Hunter or Tom Tancredo.  They will not throw their vote to the liberal Rudy or “Magic Underpants” Mitt.  Sorry Mitt.

What I would like to see is Mike Huckabee makes a speech of his own. (I know Mike is too much of a gentleman though) I would love to see Mike get up on a stage and tell everyone about Mitt’s religion and how voters should not consider that Mormons think Jesus’ half-brother is Lucifer while casting their vote.  Overlook that Mormons think the Garden of Eden was in Wisconsin or somewhere like that.  Pay no attention to the fact that the long history of Mormonism allowed and encouraged polygamy.  Just go to the polls and cast your vote for who you think shares your values.  If Mike doesn’t do it then the Democrats will.  Mitt would have to be pretty darned stupid to think he can drag the 800 pound gorilla named “Mormon religion” on stage and not have the Democrat candidate waiting with a banana.  Of course the Democrats have the news media do the dirty work for them.  I predict that by week end the newspapers and blogosphere will be full of stories about “what Mormons believe”.

So, what it all boils down to is that we had a candidate named Mike Huckabee, which the Christian voters liked and because of it Mitt Romney cried foul.  Now the media is going to scrutinize Mitt’s Mormon religion and tie the Republican Party to it for years to come, all while institutionalizing the divide that will arise between devout Christians and the secular conservatives of the GOP.

That WAS one hell of a speech.  Thanks for nothing Mitt.

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