The Endorsements Keep Rolling in for Constitution Party Candidate Thomas Fallon


The Endorsements Keep Rolling in for Constitution Party Candidate Thomas Fallon

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December 9, 2007

BURLINGTON   In the wake of two other key endorsements for Constitution Party State Senate Candidate Thomas Fallon, one more conservative group here in the Bay State has decided to urge voters to make history.

The Returning to America’s Founding Fathers Institute (RAFF) could find no better candidate to back who best fits with their stated objectives.  The RAFF Institute’s primary purpose is to bring believer’s of all faiths, conservatives, liberals and moderates together to listen to informed speakers sharing the truth about America’s founding fathers, America’s Christian heritage and the indisputable evidence showing the destruction of American culture and civilization resulting from our wholesale abandonment of the traditional Christian values of our founding fathers.

Appearing on their website ( last night was the following post, “Tom Fallon is running for state Senator in the 4th Middlesex District with the Constitution Party.  While we, at The RAFF Institute are not personally familiar with Mr. Fallon, we completely agree with the principles put forward on his web site campaign.  We invite you to consider voting for Tom at the upcoming election.”

In response, Fallon is quoted as saying, “Tom Haskins [of the RAFF] is a wonderful inspiration to the cause of freedom. His work is AWESOME and needs to be commended.  I would like to say to him, thank you so much for the support, I cannot  put it into words what it means to me.”

“My allegiance is to the Constitution, the Bill of rights, my family, my country and my God. The gap between, we the people and the State House is growing day by day, decision by decision. I will stand in that gap, I will protect the innocent, I will stand for traditional family values. George Washington said during his second inaugural address ‘to remove religious and moral values from society is to remove the very things that made America a great nation.’ I will stand in the gap for the great people of this district.”

“I’m inviting the voters of the 4th Middlesex District to do something bold to help solve this problem, by electing a Constitutionalist to be the State Senator from the 4th Middlesex District, next Tuesday, December 11!”

To find our more about the Thomas Fallon campaign, please log on to or e-mail him directly  To learn more about the Constitution Party of Massachusetts, log on to


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