The Constitution Party Stands Squarely Behind Thomas Fallon


The Constitution Party Stands Squarely Behind Thomas Fallon

Contact:  Kevin Thompson, Constitution Party State Secretary


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December 10, 2007

BROCKTON   On Tuesday, December 11, the voters of Massachusetts will again have the opportunity to make history.  For far too long we have witnessed the erosion of Constitutional liberties, moral values and economic downturns.

Massachusetts needs a representative on Beacon Hill to stand up and fight for families everywhere.  In recent years, Republicans and Democrats both had their chances to enact real change in out state, and both have failed.  No longer do we have men and women upholding their oaths, protecting our state Constitution, and serving the people.  Instead we have career politicians who disregard the will of the people and subject them to the tyranny of special interests.  

Yet among the dark clouds looming over our state, a ray of light beams forth as a glimmer of hope.  Voters in the Fourth Middlesex District will go to the polls on Tuesday, and we urge them to vote for candidate Thomas Fallon.  Fallon will stand up to the career politicians and stand up for the working families of his hometown.  A vote for Tom Fallon is a vote for real change.  At last, the voters have a candidate who they have known and who they can trust!

Tom represents the Constitution Party of Massachusetts.  We, the leadership of the CPOMA, could not be more proud of our candidate.

“Tom Fallon is a gentleman that has a passion for freedom in the terms of our founding fathers like John Adams not only for today, but for the future for his children and grandchildren. I would urge all people that have a desire for true freedom to cast your vote for Tom Fallon.”  Rich Selfridge, Chairman of the Constitution Party of Massachusetts

“It has been my great pleasure to be associated with Thomas Fallon.  He is a man of dedication – dedicated to his God, his family, his state and his nation.  His passionate defense of freedom is an inspiration to me.  His personal faith in the Lord has been an encouragement during discouraging times.  What strikes me most about Tom is his simple willingness to do whatever it takes. When he sees a need, he is the first to jump in and help.  He is not concerned about credit, titles or praise.  His humility is refreshment to all who know him.  The people of the Fourth Middlesex District would have a true help and a true representative when they elect Tom Fallon as their next State Senator.”  Kevin Thompson, State Secretary of the Constitution Party of Massachusetts

“I have known Tom Fallon for quite a few years now.  In that time, I have known him to be passionate about everything he becomes involved with.  Tom is well rounded, a lover of God, lover of his wife and children, and also a lover of his community, state and nation.  As a co-laborer with him for these several years, in church issues, as well as political issues, I would strongly encourage the voters of the 4th Middlesex District to cast their ballot for Tom Fallon, a true voice for the people and the Constitution.”  Bob Picard, Constitution Party of Massachusetts State Committee Member

“Tom Fallon’s commitment to government of the people, by the people and for the people is real!  If the voters of the 4th Middlesex State Senate District want dedicated, honest representation and a tireless  servant who will actually listen to the people rather than to “big money” special interests, they should flock to the polls Tuesday, December 11, 2007 and vote for Tom Fallon to be their next State Senator.”  Gary Odom, Constitution Party National Field Director

Do not forget to vote for Thomas Fallon on December 11, 2007!

To find our more about the Thomas Fallon campaign, please log on to or e-mail him directly  To learn more about the Constitution Party of Massachusetts, log on to


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