Scandals Abound!

  • John Edwards Love Child Scandal!
  • John McCain Special Treatment to a Lobbyist Scandal!
  • Huckabee Wishes Everyone a “Merry Christmas” Scandal!
  • Ron Paul Commenting on Huckabee Wishing Everyone a “Merry Christmas” Scandal!


  • Mitt Romney Planned Parenthood Photo Scandal!
  • Mitt Romney Never Saw His Father March With MLK Scandal!
  • Ron Paul Photo With Racist Scandal!
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    • Vote3rdpartynow

      And I know this because all the other candidates have now come out with their own Christmas advertisements on Youtube.  The alleged “cross” behind Huckabee was just a bookshelf and the success of the Huckabee ad has prompted the others to make their own Christmas ad.

      Here is Hillary’s:

      Here is Rudy’s:

      Here is Edward’s:

      And Obama”s: Sorry no link yet….

    • wavemaker

      That Edwards story looks like it has some interesting details — but as long as the Enquirer is the only paper telling the story, I don’t believe any of it.

      As far as the McCain thing, I’m having trouble understanding why anyone would be making any kind of deal out of the fact that a lobbyist has written portions of a piece of legislation. That’s what they do. I’ll bet more than half the laws they pass are predominantly written by lobbyists.

    • geo999

      Hucka bee’s was the best of the lot (though I don’t much like the guy). The cross thing was either intentional (my view) or the director was a moron for not picking up on it.

      Rudy’s spot was a lame “me too!” Two thumbs down.

      Edwards’ was dark & maudlin, not joyous or uplifting.

      Obama’s was a yawner, but at least not gimmicky.

      Mrs. Clinton’s was fake beyond belief.