Romney Exposed By MassResistance

MassResistance posted a partial transcript from the Howie Carr Show (12-21-07) where former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is asked by WRKO talk show host & conservative writer Gregg Jackson about the Mittmeister’s role in the birthing of “gay marriage” within the Bay State. Check it out:…

It’s well known in these parts that MassResistance has been gunning for Romney (especially since he’s been running for President). What makes the chase interesting is that MassResistance has some damning evidence to back up its charges against Romney (as you can see in the aforementioned link). Stuff like this is trickling its way up into Iowa & New Hampshire. If the “Stormin’ Mormon” stumbles & falls in those states, he can always blame the folks at MassResistance (& not himself) for the demise of his candidacy.

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