Renee Sherwood looks to oust Cynthia Stead as Top Cape GOP Woman.

Breaking News:  Hyannis-  The Cape Cod Times announced at 11:17 yesterday morning that due to the election between Cynthia Stead and Sherwood, Stead will be stripped of her Bi-Weekly Column until after the February 5th, 2008 Showdown.  According to a phone message from Bill Mills, member of the Cape Cod Times Editorial Board, to ensure fairness and objectivity, Stead will be discontinued as a “stringer writer” until after the GOP State Committee Election.

Peter Porcupine may come acroper of another female pol

On February 5th, 2008, the GOP voters of the Cape and Islands will go to the polls and vote to decide who they want as their GOP State Committee Woman.  This year voters will decide whether they support embattled GOP operative and current incumbent Cynthia Stead of Dennis, or the Vice President of the Cape Cod Republican Club, Renee Sherwood of Barnstable.  Let’s look at the tale of the tapes:

The incumbant Cynthia Stead is a long-time Cape Cod GOP operative who had at one time worked for both former Cape Cod State Representatives Tom George and Shirley Gomes as their legislative aide.  She was first elected State Committeewoman in 2004.  However in this upcoming February 5th 2008 Presidential Primary,  Stead faces the fight of her political life…

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Also read what’s Walter Brooks has to say about Stead in his editorial:…

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  • Festus Garvey

    …and his bride didn’t score any points with the preppy trust-funded Nantucket crowd.  BTW Doug, do you have a real job or just “retired” Selectman and County Commissioner for the island of Nantucket?

    I, in no way, want to imply any support for PP–a certain mark of political death for her–but name me one other member of the Republican Party (including Peter and Rob) who has challenged the liberal orthodoxy of this state as consistently and as aggressively as PP/Stead?  From her postings on BMG to her regular call-ins on talk radio (certainly on Tom Finneran’s show), Stead is contributing more to the political debate in this state than all the Republican State Committee members combined (which admittedly is not saying a lot.  Heck, DR Tucker refuses to even engage bloggers in any of his posts.)

    As for PP/Stead’s divisiveness and polarization that Doug writes about in the link above, all I can say is that PP has grudgingly earned the respect of many liberals with her very aggressive opinions and barbs over at BMG.  But, unlike many RMG bloggers, she has never been banned from the site with her opinions, so apparently her ideological enemies can tolerate her style, but it is her “kindred spirits” that can not accept her opinions and aggressive style.  As Tip O’Neil said, “all politics is local” and it’s clear that Stead’s problems stem from upsetting the local Republican apple cart.

    In closing, Doug you market yourself on the link you provided (and in your wedding announcement) that you are attempting to rebuild the Massachusetts Republican Party.

    Well keep up efforts like this.  And that is a clear endorsement of your work from the likes of me!

  • Knightbrigade

    It needs to stop…

    Peter Torkildsen and Rob Willington are doing the job of “rebuilding” the Republican party in this state. The LAST thing the party needs is personal nonsense.

    From what I have read online PP/Cynthia has been a strong supporter to the Republican party, and that’s the point is it not? If Renee Sherwood also has such qualities then bravo, but…

    Be it revenge or mom likes me best, one way or another this soap opera better END on February 5th….


  • GOPWhoa

    The Cape Cod Republicans are really upset at Cynthia because of her behavior as Committeewoman.  She is the originator of several whisper campaigns including one where she outted Aaron Malloy for being gay in her newspaper column which 50,000 Cape Codders read daily.  She outted him two days after Malloy defeated her good friend and neighhbor Don Howell in the September 19, 2006 primary.  This action caused the Cape’s Social Conservatives to not vote for Malloy.  Instead of discussing the issues of the race, Stead openly told the public Malloy’s sexual preference.  This seat had been held by a Republican since Reconstruction.

    This sort of behavior is intolerable and any Republican who thinks not, should leave the party because you are only adding to our demise.  We must modernize, or the MassGOP faces certain death.  Whisper Campaigns can not be tolerated especially when it’s one Republican slandering another.

    If Stead was really doing the job she had been elected to do, then she would be helping the Cape Republicans win.  Instead, she has only been serving for selfish reasons and this is why many are truly upset with her.  Let’s look at all Cape Republicans who are backing Stead’s rival Renee Sherwood.  Even Stead’s former bosses Tom George and Shirley Gomes wants Stead out.

    Representative Thomas George, (Ret.)

    Representative Shirley Gomes, (Ret.)

    Robert Dwyer, State Committee, (Ret.)

    Will Crocker, Former Candidate, State Rep.

    Joe Bunce, Vice Chair & Former Chairman Dennis Town Committee

    Robert Chamberlain, Chairman Dennis Town Committee

    Carol Mitchell, Former Chair Dennis Town Committee

    Richard W. Neitz, NEITZ Real Estate

    Mallory Hatfield, M.D.

    Judy Crocker, Sales Manager Cape Cod Broadcasting

    If Stead was doing the job, she was elected to do, then her local constituents would be supporting her, however because of her ineffectiveness and divisive behavior, Cape Cod Republicans want someone new.  This is democracy and our party must change or we, Republicans, die.

  • Knightbrigade

    “Social Conservatives to not vote for Malloy”

    * If Socons LOST the election why did Malloy win the primary to begin with!?

    * If an underhanded deed took place AFTER the primary, why was it not done BEFORE the primary?

    Seems that Republican Socons would NOT have voted for Malloy anyway if they knew all aspects..right or wrong.

    The public deserves to know as much as possible about a candidate when making a decision.

    “We must modernize, or the MassGOP faces certain death.”

    I got news for ya…at 87% state control, both US Senate and all 10 US Rep seats Democrat, we can’t go much lower..

    And what’s with this “MODERNIZE” shh.stuff?

    Republican LITE?   Less Conservative but tastes great!?