I’m conservative, because I’m a bleeding heart liberal.

I’m pretty big on social justice issues, yet years ago as a self described liberal trying to explain to my peers that maybe their ideas could be more harmful then good their only response was that I was really a religious conservative. Eventually I took their advice and became one.

Two of my thoughts… on casinos and the break down of family in the inner city

On casinos

The main argument is that it will bring large amounts of revenue and jobs to the state, and I have issue with our government relying heavily on a form of business that is based on the sole objective of preying on desperate people by promoting them to give away their money for the small hope and very slim chance they might be financially better off.

When I spend five dollars for a lottery calendar for my daughter’s tee-ball league or purchase raffle tickets, my main objective is to support the team or whatever charity I’m donating to. It’s nice if I win a 25 dollars or a gift certificate, but I’m not hoping or placing much thought on winning. On the other hand, when I go to Foxwoods, I’m only going there in hopes of winning and taking more home then I brought into the casino.

It has been a few years since I’ve been to a casino and occasionally I buy a scratch ticket or two during the holidays or birthday, in my mind I’m not thinking or wanting to donate money to the state. The only thing I want is to win, I’m not thinking about the government and I doubt that many people are. We’re only thinking about becoming a millionaire.

The whole casino debate has made me rethink how I spend my money, even if it is no more then a few dollars. When I gamble I first calculate how much I’m willing to lose, before I had a few children it would be no more then 50 dollars once a year, today I can’t afford to lose any. For some people I know, they’re so down on their luck that if they had twenty dollars in their pocket, impulsively rather then keeping it for groceries, they would think it is better to gamble it away. If they gamble it away, at least they have the ‘chance’ of paying all of their bills.

Think about how much money people will have to ‘lose’ for the state to ‘win’ when calculating how gambling affects Massachusetts?

I don’t think I will ever gamble again. It’s a waste.  

Break down in the family in inner cities.

Currently I’m reading ‘Come on People, on the path from victim to victors’ by Bill Cosby and Alvin F. Poussaint M.D., it’s a telling book on the issues of African Americans straight from their mouths. They aren’t crying ‘it’s racism’, and they don’t want more government or affirmative action, they want to be able to take care of themselves and for that to happen they need to bring back men to be husbands and fathers. This reversal of the trend won’t happen in the course of election cycle, it will take generations.

Where I live in Lowell, we don’t have a large African American population, but we have a fatherless problem and children lacking stability in the home life through single parenthood and divorce.  The best it seems liberals have regarding the family is giving young girls birth control. Should we be encouraging a twelve year old girl who doesn’t know her own dad and lived through a series of her mother’s boyfriends that having sex with the boy two seats behind her and a row over will fulfill her emotional void? Doesn’t she deserve better and know the truth in comprehensive sex education that sex is more then a physical act that is ok as long as she doesn’t birth out a live baby herself? Why can’t we tell her that sex really does have emotional repercussions and when a man and woman have sex they have to calculate the obligation to the potential life of the child and be educated in the context of mature relationships, not just sex as a teenager?

If you can’t get a hold of the book, I borrowed mine from the public library, an interesting blog with multiple interest articles on African American conservatives is Booker Rising.


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