HUGE News! Romney endorsed by Robert Bork!

I read about this on Stop the ACLU, and Jay is right – this endorsement carries a lot of weight with ordinary Conservatives, rather than evagelical or social one.

Here’s a link to the entire endorsement, and he’s an excerpt from the judge:

“Our next President may be called upon to make more than one Supreme Court nomination, and Governor Romney is committed to nominating judges who take their oath of office seriously and respect the rule of law in our nation. I also support Governor Romney because of his character, his integrity and his stands on the major issues facing the United States.”

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  • schulteraffe

    …currently sitting or retired, who takes (took) their oath of office seriously would ever endorse a political candidate for any office, much less the office of the President.  Apparently Judge Bork respects his political convictions more than the rule of law.  Big surprise.

  • wavemaker

    that retired federal judges have an obligation to keep his politics quiet is simply nonsense. There’s no basis in judicial ethics for it. Canon 7 applies only to retired judges “subject to assignment.” Bork has not been subject to assignment since his retirement.

    Bork has every right to exercise political free speech. Some may not appreciate it,  but calling it “wrong” is fatuous.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    from the impact of a Robert Bork endorsement to whether or not federal judges retain the priviledge of free speech.  Typical schultzee protocol of changing the subject when you can’t win the argument.

    All I will say on the matter is that at least there is no history of Robert Bork’s spouse sending Romney three times the legal limit in campaign contributions, which was the case with Margot Bostford and her appointment by Devalue Patrick.  

  • How dare you think a retired judge isn’t still beholden to STFU about campaign politics…even after retirement?  The all powerful Oz has spoken.  Never mind that there isn’t a written rule about it….that there isn’t an ethical violation about it….that there is no law about it.  There’s some sort of sooper-secret decoder ring that lays it all out….comes in the family size box o’ Froot Loops.

    Fascstii are coming for your reeducation.

    BTW, this can only help Mitt……as it’s too soon for GOP primary voters to forget or discount as “that’s so ‘in the past'” the treatment Bork received at the hands of the Senate…..the pure partisan browbeating by the likes of the drunken Senator.  Primary voters being generally more politically educated, they won’t need much more than a reminder.

  • Yellow Cake?

    Hear that? That’s the sound of everyone switching from McCain and Giuliani to Romney. Look out, Huckabee! Mitt has Robert Bork on his side.

    Seriously, this doesn’t sway one person’s vote. I doubt this even sways judge Bork’s wife’s vote.