Gloabl warming for Dummies (Just for fun)

If you go to a website called you can endorse a petition on an issue important to you.  I happened to be doing some research on global warming and found the site.  Here is a link to the page:…

What I found most interesting was the comments added by folks that had endorsed a petition to the POTUS candidates to fight global warming.  Enjoy these quotes from page 1 alone:  God help us…..

There will be no freedom in this country–or on the planet–unless great measures are taken to halt and reverse global warming. – Annie from Florida (V3PN – Increase in temperatures = decrease in freedom – the new math)

We need to preserve our beautiful earth so that it will be here for our future generations. – Kristen in Rhode Island (V3PN – Where exactly is the earth going?)

Global Warning is a major priority to me because I don’t want to see this planet go to waste. There are so many lives that can be safed and animals will be hurting for land, food and shelter. – Jenna in Pennsylvania (V3PN – Isn’t it, in part, the animals that are causing global warming?)

Global Warming is my top priority for the 2008 election because, if we don’t solve the problem or start to solve it in the next 50 years, we won’t have this precious earth; with out it we are nothing. We will lose all the amazing wildlife and things we take advantage of and the cause will be from the Human element. – Brittany from Pennsylvania (V3PN – Brittany has nothing else higher on her list – without the earth we are nothing – genius..)

All of you vying for the nomination and even myself, we are not teenagers anymore. When we go, the children we have created and their children and down the line will not have any of the magic and beauty that is still left for us. Everything will be gone thanks to global warning. Please think of that as you campaign. I may be Canadian but global warming affects us all! – Patricia from Canada (V3PN – Even Canadians are scared of losing the “magic”)

Global warming is priority. Stop worrying about social issues, concentrate on those that threaten existence in general- Your Youth – Erica from Connecticut (V3PN – Our youth are threatening our existence?)

Global Warming means global ending rite? so make it for our children! Not for us Coz we only borrow this world from our children! – Erik from Indonesia (V3PN – Global warming = global ending?  We borrow the earth from our children?)

Global Warming is top priority because it is destroying the ecosystems of many different animals in the world. It’s event screwing up the seasons for every country in the world, and causing natural disasters as well, which is killing and injuring hundreds of thousands of human beings in and out of the U.S. – Anonymous from Michigan (V3PN – Killing and injuring hundreds of thousands of human beings – in and out of the US.  Oh the humanity…)

Global warming is happening right now- why is it that we have to wait for a disaster to slap us in the face for us to do something about it- global warming will affect the next generation atleast twice as much as it is affecting us now- GLOBAL WARMING IS A MORAL ISSUE- if we have our childrens’ best interest in mind, the issue of global warming needs to be taken more seriously by the presidential candidates – Anonymous from Ohio (V3PN – I want to slap this idiot in the face)

Global warming is important issue and should be taken very serious.I wish bush would stop causeing war on our country and start solving global warming as a president should.Al Gore has done so much for the americans. – Anonymous from Arizona (V3PN – Too stupid to comment on)

Global warming is a serious threat to all humans and animals on the earth.The earth is our home don,t let global warming destroy us we must take the stand now our planet is at risk becuase congress continues to delay action.As AMERICANS WE NEED TO TAKE WHAT IS OURS THAT,S THIS PLANET AND SAVE IT.CONGRESS MUST ACT FAST.I read in the news today for oct 25 if we don,t act now we won,t have a chance anymore too much time has been lost by our presidental candidates doing nothing about global warming.Stop ingnoreing global warming if you ignore it any longer we are all dead.Move congress do something or this planet is gone for good. – Anonymous in California (V3PN – As Americans we need to take what is ours that’s this planet..Yeah the planet is ours…)

because if the sea levels will rise the other small countries in the pacific region will dissappear and the pengiuns aand polar bears and the other animals living in the artic will die because they dont have a place to live – Anonymous in Phillipines (V3PN – OMG)

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