Did Iran suspend its nuclear weapons program because of the invasion of Iraq?

According to the NIE released Monday, Iran suspended its illicit nuclear weapons program in the fall of 2003.

About six months after the US-led invasion of Iraq to topple Saddam Hussein. And only two months before Libya decided to abandon its pursuit of nuclear arms.

Did the war with Iraq prompt Iran to shelve its nuclear weapons program? Maybe, maybe not. The timing certainly begs the question, but what’s odd about the media coverage over the last few days – and I’ve read a half-dozen stories on the NIE in the New York Times, the Boston Globe and on the CNN website – I have yet to see a single reference to even the possibility of a connection.

But what if the NIE had reported that Iran initiated a covert nuclear weapons program six months after the invasion of Iraq – think we’d hear about a connection then? We’d be hearing of little else.

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  • Festus Garvey

    That thought crossed my mind also and I figured it would be part of the talking point counter attack of Rush, Hannity and the boys…but nothing.

    I think the simple fact that the NIE report took the wind from the neocons sail that they just wanted to not bring the entire subject becuase they’d still lose the debate.  I mean the, “Because we invaded Iraq, Iran stopped building the bomb” is trumped by the “Bush has been pounding on the war drums, knowingly lying to the American people to start ANOTHER war based on false info.”

    Then of course the destorying of the CIA tapes, together with the NIE report, makes this a very bad week for the far right.

  • Once again, because it bears repeating – what if the NIE found that Iran began work on a nuclear weapons program six months after the invasion of Iraq – can there be any doubt we’d be hearing about a connection?

  • Something good has happened, Patrick. Better for Iran not to pursue nuclear weapons than to build them. Surely we can agree on that. Thanks for the tip about the movie.