Can The GOP Win In Today’s Special Election?

Today is the special election for the state senate seat in the 4th Middlesex District. Running for the open seat are Republican candidate Brion Cangiamila, Democrat candidate James Marzilli, Jr., & Constitution candidate Thomas Fallon. Turnout is expected to be low so the candidate with the best GOTV will win. Having been a former selectman & a former state rep, Cangiamila is no babe in the woods when it comes to campaigning. He has a decent shot – especially if the state party puts as much resources into this race as possible. Marzilli currently works as a state rep & is well respected in liberal circles. The Democrats are working hard to get him elected & thus he holds an advantage in this race. Fallon is making a lot of noise here at RMG but to date I haven’t heard anything about him from my contacts in the district. It remains to be seen if he’ll have any impact on the race. Comments, anyone?

Update: Numbers…

Brion Cangiamila Jim Marzilli Tom Fallon
Arlington 1014 3378 102
Woburn 716 582 133
Lexington 352 1301 28
Burlington 688 464 149
Billerica 1041 548 57
Total 3811 6273 469

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