Boston Globe Endorses McCain & Obama

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It’s unusual for the Boston Globe to come out with its political endorsements this early in the presidential primary. But today’s Sunday Globe (12-16-07) contains the paper’s official blessing for Barack Obama as the nominee for the Democrat Party & John McCain as the nominee for the Republican Party.

Read the McCain endorsement:…

Read the Obama endorsement:…

Obviously the Globe will endorse the Democrat nominee over the Republican one once the primaries are officially over & the general election race takes off in earnest. You can tell from the aforementioned editorials which candidate (& said candidate’s narrative) excites the Globe’s editorial board.

The paper’s endorsement of McCain is no surprise either but a question thus arises: Will the Globe’s embrace of McCain help him or hurt him in the eyes of Republican & Unenrolled voters who will cast their votes during the Massachusetts GOP presidential primary? Any thoughts on this question?

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  • When the liberal media endorses a Republican candidate it certainly raises questions.  If a candidate were acceptably conservative then he would emphatically not be acceptable to the Boston Globe, so “why is McCain acceptable?” is the question.  The Globe says that McCain is acceptable because he is honest (a jab at Mitt’s alleged flip flopping?) and that he understands that immigration is complex (a complexity lost on the conservative base).  And oddly they also respect his position on Iraq even though McCain would strenuously object when they later state that “Iraq is in flames.”

    All this is in contrast to Mitt Romney, who The Globe hates with a passion.  And the Mass Dems hate Romney too.  As do the local pro-choice Republicans.  And also the gay Republicans.  Mitt seems to have all the right enemies for winning the base and the nomination.

  • geo999

    Doubtless, this isn’t so much an endorsement of McCain, as it is an “enemy of my enemy” meme.

    Those who will pull a Republican ballot certainly don’t take their cues from the likes of the globe editorial staff.

    Romney will carry MA.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    the illegal immigrant that delivers the Boston Sunday Globe newspaper to my house doesn’t come out in the snow….Either that or he buries it in the snow, which is why I don’t give the bastard a tip at Christmas….

  • wavemaker

    the combination of the Lieberman and GLobe endorsements helps McCain among Independent voters in southern NH.  

  • wavemaker

    disapointed that a post about the Globe’s endorsements turned into a sniping match about personal hygiene and gay affectation?

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    I will no longer waste a single minute on the dictionary bigot in the future… spare the rest of you.  It gets old watching the 3y.o. argument skills of “you’re wrong”…so I’m done with the ignorant fascist forever.

    Unless he chooses to come out from behind the keyboard from which he throws his bigot-bombs.

  • Festus Garvey

    …in the post about Romney getting the endorsement of the National Review.

    Trust me… (0.00 / 0)

    McCain is the guy that can beat a Dem in the fall…none of the others can, they are far to flawed.  Mitt is the Republican version of John Kerry–a little less of a blow hard, but far more eager to pander.  

    Please, please nominate anyone but McCain.


    by: Festus Garvey @ Tue Dec 11, 2007 at 19:36:52 PM EST

    All the rest are deeply flawed and won’t win in November.  Sure there are things the base does not like–or trust–about McCain (hey I had to live, and may once again live, with a Clinton), but he’s your guy to beat the Dems in November.