Boston Globe Endorses McCain & Obama

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It’s unusual for the Boston Globe to come out with its political endorsements this early in the presidential primary. But today’s Sunday Globe (12-16-07) contains the paper’s official blessing for Barack Obama as the nominee for the Democrat Party & John McCain as the nominee for the Republican Party.

Read the McCain endorsement:…

Read the Obama endorsement:…

Obviously the Globe will endorse the Democrat nominee over the Republican one once the primaries are officially over & the general election race takes off in earnest. You can tell from the aforementioned editorials which candidate (& said candidate’s narrative) excites the Globe’s editorial board.

The paper’s endorsement of McCain is no surprise either but a question thus arises: Will the Globe’s embrace of McCain help him or hurt him in the eyes of Republican & Unenrolled voters who will cast their votes during the Massachusetts GOP presidential primary? Any thoughts on this question?

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