BlueMassGroup living in fear

of Mike Huckabee.  Wow, what a bunch of looneys over at BMG these days.  They talk as though the days of Armageddon are upon us.  Here are a few of their latest headlines detailing the surge by the Arkansas Governor….

We’re doomed.

Meet Mike Huckabee: The Pro-Rapist Governor

Mike Huckabee, serial murderer releaser

Another reason to find Huckabee scary – past support for quarantining AIDS patients

I would love to comment on these posts over at BMG, but alas you know too well – I am still banned from BMG.

So for now, rest assured that the God-Hating, fear Mongering, Traditional Marriage Hating tinfoil wearing moonbats are alive and well.  And to think – it was just recently that someone made fun of my post about Hillary Clinton being a lesbian.  Oh, did I mention they still want to recruit Al Gore….  File that one under loser….

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