Awesome fight you guys!!!!!…

I was just reading the 3 way battle between ElectricStrawberry, Schulteraffe, and Vote3rdpartynow.  It was awesome!!!!  I especially liked it when Strawberry called Schultzy a “dumbass” then went on to define the word as . . .



a stupid person; these words are used to express a low opinion of someone’s intelligence  

But then again I have to give huge points to Schultzy for comming up with . . .

Superduper Dumbass:


1)Someone so devoid of human itelligence that being regarded by them as stupid is generally perceived as the antics of a cute but ill behaved puppy


You guys rock!!!

and where is Porcupine?

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  • Republican Rock Radio Mania 2

    I have lots of questions  

  • as with his incorrect usage of “bigot”……to mean whatever the frig he wants it to so he can throw the lame label around from the relative safety of his keyboard…..he manufactured his uber-sooper-dooper-pooper-scooper definition, whereas mine came from the dictionary.

    Words have specific meaning…..something the dumbass will never get.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    wearing the electric-green, skin-tight body suit with a pink feather boa and fishnet stockings is Smooth Boy Schultzee.  Weighing in at 97 pounds, soaking wet with rocks in his pocket.  (No pun intended).

    In the corner to my right wearing the black trunks, Electric “Call it like I see it” Strawberry.

    Okay boys, come out fighting and let’s keep it clean.  No hitting below the belt, no rabbit punches and always wait for the bell.  When RepublicanRockRadioMania says break you break clean and return to your corner.

    Ding Ding….

  • Festus Garvey

    ES, Schultzy contends that this is what you wrote and is at the center of this dispute:

    “It’s a simple statement of fact.  Poor minority parents simply don’t give a frig about their kids educations.”

    Is this what you wrote and are still standing by?

  • Knightbrigade

    I’m laying on my shrinks couch and thumbing through his ink blot book, and that icon reminds me of something..but NOT a butterfly!! LMAO…….IF Festus jumps into the “flog on the blog” death match, it will start a free for all..pig pile for sure. lol

    RRR you are a MAJOR troublemaker……

  • geo999

    …that RMG gets no traction.

    And until the moderators understand that tolerating monkeyshit fights and flamebaiters doesn’t do much to promote serious discussion, this unfortunate trend will continue.

    Undermining this blog seems to be the objective of some of these trolls.

    I rather doubt they’ll tire of it because they believe that stifling debate by any means necessary is a furtherance of their own unstated agendas.