Another Spears gets knocked up…(Since we want to change subjects)

This time it ain’t Britany.  Though don’t rule out an annoucement from her anytime soon.

Britany Spear’s kid sister Jamie Lynn (typical redneck name for a girl) announced that she and her longtime boyfriend are going to have a baby.  The 16 year old jamie Lynn is the star of her own show named Zoey101, or something like that.

This raises a few good questions:

1.) Where the hell are the parents and why is a 16 year old girl living with her boyfriend and getting knocked up?

2.) Longtime boyfriend?  How long can it be when Jamie Lynn is only 16 years old?

3.) How soon before Jamie Lynn splits from this loser and is living in a trailer park?

4.) Will she shave her head like big sister Britany?

5.) When Jamie Lynn is old enough to drive will she smash into things while drunk just like big sister Britany?

6.) Is everyone in Hollywood f*cked up?

7.) Did the Writer’s Guild strike have anything to do with this?

8.) How soon before the boyfriend has custody of the little one?

9.) Will the baby have one of those redneck double names like it’s mom or will they stick to the standard ridiculous Hollywood names like Apple, Phinneaus, Bluebell, or Heaven?

10.) How soon before auntie Britany announces her next little bundle of joy?

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  • Festus Garvey

    These are God loving people who met at Church.  Yes they come from another part of the country and they grew up on the wrong side of the tracks.  But have you no mercy toward strangers, just days before the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ?  

  • Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno

    The second is a region in France.

  • schulteraffe

    ….to me that this presents a perfect opportunity to highlight the fact that, despite what is clearly a young lady in a difficult situation with horrendous parents, she has taken responsibility for her actions and chosen not to abort the baby.  I just wonder why anti-abortion proponents have not seized on this fact.  Perhaps they have, but I have not seen it.

  • CNN had this small description of “Zoey 101” in one their many breaking news stories:

    The hit Nickelodeon sitcom is about a group of girls who help integrate an all-boys academy.

    One lesson from this seems to be: Don’t tempt God.

    The second lesson concerns the Writer’s strike and the hiatus the show must have been on: Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop.

    Third lesson is about the live-in boyfriend situation: Don’t tempt mother nature.

    Fourth seems to be a law of nature: The Spears girls are very fertile.

    So endith the lesson.

    Anyone have any idea what this show was like?  I’m picturing 90210 aimed at a younger set, with Jamie Lynn playing the part of the virgin. With 90210 in mind, I’m doubting that the show was entirely wholesome as seems to be the impression from the news.

  • geo999

    …at least they’re doing the right thing. Gotta give them that much.