Another Endorsement for Constitution Party Candidate Thomas Fallon


Another Endorsement for Constitution Party Candidate Thomas Fallon

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December 8, 2007

BURLINGTON   As Tuesday’s election draws near, more and more people are waking up to the fact that Thomas Fallon is the only choice for pro-family voters.  On Saturday, Tom received the endorsement of the Conservative Caucus.  

The Conservative Caucus was founded in 1974 in the belief that conservatives could win in Washington only by mobilizing conservative strength at the state and Congressional district level.  Dedicated to fighting for and defending innocent, human life, the Caucus has chosen to endorse Thomas Fallon in the race to fill

Caucus Chairman Howard Phillips wrote, “Concerning Tom Fallon, I am happy to convey to him the endorsement of The Conservative Caucus on the basis of his exemplary pro-life stance.”  A passionate defender of the unborn, Tom will finally give voice to the thousands of pro-life voters who feel their views have been ignored and ridiculed by those currently residing in Beacon Hill.  

“In my life time I have met many famous and influential people. Yet I have never met a person who had an immediate impact on my life the way and magnitude that Howard Phillips has had,” said Tom.  “I have witnessed a room full of 300 people, every one of them directly mentored and influenced by him, waiting for hours just to say hello. In my opinion he is America’s champion.”

Tom goes on to say,  “The Declaration of Independence states plainly that we are created equal, endowed by our creator with basic human rights. The first right is the right to life.”

Thomas Fallon is a champion of the family and of traditional values and witnessing the erosion of respect for these basic principles by government was also a major factor in persuading him to enter this race.

“For years,” says Fallon, “Americans have elected ‘the best politicians that money can buy,’ and these politicians have done a great job…. in representing special interests and big government.  I am running for State Senate to represent the people of his district, not any special interest group.”

“I have people ask me why they should vote for me, the Constitution Party candidate, rather than the Democrat or the Republican,” says Fallon.  “My answer is simple: Democrat candidates have come to us over the years and said, ‘Elect me, and I’ll solve your problems.’  Likewise, Republican candidates have told the voters, ‘Elect me, and I’ll solve your problems.’ Well, after so many years of this and with our problems only getting worse, I came to the realization that the Democrat and Republican politicians aren’t going to solve our problems, the ARE our problem.”

“I’m inviting the voters of the 4th Middlesex District to do something bold to help solve this problem, by electing a Constitutionalist to be the State Senator from the 4th Middlesex District, next Tuesday, December 11!”

To find our more about the Thomas Fallon campaign, please log on to or e-mail him directly  To learn more about the Constitution Party of Massachusetts, log on to


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