You Tube- “Bennett throws Hardballs at Chris Matthews: Part 2”

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“Who will be America’s next President?”

Last week you watched part 1 of the interview of Chris Matthews of MSNBC’s Hardball when he sat down with Massachusetts politician and Former Selectman and County Commissioner Doug Bennett to discuss National politics, the 2008 Presidential Race, and Nantucket.

This week watch the conclusion of their interview where Chris Matthews gives his opinion about what the Democrats and Republicans look for in a leader and who Matthews predicts will be our next President. Additionally, Matthews analyzes Romney, Giuliani, Clinton, and Obama.

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  • Festus Garvey

    Any comment from the peanut gallery about Matthew’s celebration of the professional politican?  He opens up this part praising the “politican” who calculates and weasels their way around…without naming names…think Hillary or Multiple Choice Mitt.  Sure great politicans like a Lincoln or an FDR make great leaders, but I think Matthews comments are what is deeply wrong with politics on both sides of the aisle, when war heros like McCain or Kerry are slandered for their service by moral midgets.  No, we don’t need a professional political class in America, but a system that our founders envisioned with citizen politicans who come from diverse backgrounds and offer a broad perspective to confront and deal with our problems–not to parse “solutions” that just puts off though decisions until after the next election.

  • geo999

    …and I don’t find him to be a fount of deep or original thought.
    I watch him for much the same reason that I browse kos, or watch a skunk walk through my backyard. I don’t expect to be intellectually stimulated by them – I just want to know what they’re up to.

    Lately, li’l chris’ true colors as an apparatchik have become more vivid. He no longer attempts to hide his loathing for the GOP under a cloak of civility. He (like the obermin who follows him at 8pm), is ofttimes downright juvenile – sort of a politiks for the skater krowd schtick.

    matthews is becoming increasingly irrelevant to those who seek reasoned and rational discussion of current events.
    It’s a wonder that msnbc survives with the idiot trifecta that their post 6pm lineup has become.

  • wavemaker

    congrats on your wedding. Nice lookin gal, and smart too!

    Dude, I think you should change the headline. Ain’t nothin resembling a hardball in there.