Why Not to vote for Hillary Clinton

I am not sure what this week will bring for Hillary Clinton.  At Tuesday night’s debate she either gained points or lost points depending on who you spoke to.  Clearly the young women at Wellesley College (where Hillary spoke on Thursday) were energized by the fact that a woman stood up to the bullying six-on-one tactics of Hillary’s opposition.  They want a women President.  On the other hand, Hillary’s many formal opponents felt that blood had been drawn and damage had been done.  The Obama and Edwards campaigns relished the thought that Hillary had been seen on nationwide television having to backtrack and explain her awkward position(s) to the many interested viewers.  For a moment Hillary was on the ropes.

If any damage has been done it will not be enough to wipe away a thirty point lead heading into the holidays when most of us will lose sight of the campaign due to holiday events and special occasions.  Hillary seems destined to be the Democrat candidate.

The Republicans on the other hand are in a mad scramble for attention and money.  To date, the frontrunner could be any one of four men depending on how and when and where you poll.  That being the case it looks like Hillary is in.

I have had time to think of why it bothers me so much that Hillary is likely the next President of the United States.  Clearly she sits on the opposite side of the issues from me.  She is for everything I can’t stand – gay marriage, more taxes, bigger government, socialized programs, fewer liberties, less personal responsibility, and the list goes on.  It also bothers me that it has become so inevitable that she is going to be President.  It makes me feel as though somehow the democratic process isn’t working anymore.  Talk radio hosts, political pundits and others have been predicting this event for years.  I feel helpless to stop it from happening.  It seems somehow out of the public’s hands.  I feel sick.

What bothers me the most though, is the idea of “them” representing us.  “Them” being Bill and Hillary Clinton.  The first family has always been something we, as Americans, have  enjoyed showing off.  John F. Kennedy and his wife were the envy of the world when they lived in the White House.  We came to know their world as Camelot.  Pictures of John Jr playing under his father’s desk in the oval office still come to mind.  Our Presidents have always portrayed strong family values and were somehow representative of the rest of American families and how they ought to be.  Of course, I will always remember how dashing Ronald Reagan appeared in one of his tuxedoes with wife Nancy by his side.  Yes, even Bill and Hillary along with daughter Chelsea in Bill’s first term. 

Things are different now.  Bill and Hillary have gone their separate ways.  She lives in Washington and him in Chapaqua.  Stories of his philandering ways remain on the front pages of many newspapers and he has been tied to the likes of Belinda Stronach and Lisa Belzberg continuously for years.  He has admitted to numerous sexual affairs only after lying under oath and embarrassing the nation he was elected to lead.  Daughter Chelsea, where is she these days?  Away from her parents and the turmoil they bring to every event they attend.  Bill and Hillary represent all the things that are wrong in the American family – lack of values, trust, respect, commitment, love and all the things that go with it.  Their marriage exists only for the sake of what they can gain by playing along and keeping up the front.  Their personal selfish accomplishments and conquests seem far more important than the family they claim to be.  Now, they want to flaunt it to the world in the name of the American people.

Democrats are always so concerned about what other nations think of us – so what will they think of us when we chose Hillary Clinton to be our next President?  What will they think of the American family?  What will they think of our commitment to the family and the sacredness of marriage?  Will they think that all American families are dysfunctional, lacking in trust and filled with sexual dalliances?  Will they think that all American families live separated lives in separated cities with separated goals, values and morals?  What will all those nations think of us?

The idea of family is under attack in America.  Gay marriage has been a leading issue driving people to the polls of late.  State after state has stepped up to make some attempt at preserving this social institution we call the traditional family.  But the news is not good, marriages are failing at a record pace and more everyday people are deciding that marriage isn’t worth trying at all.  Studies show that between two thirds and three quarters of all minority children are born out of wedlock today.  But, now we are seemingly going to throw away any further attempt to preserve marriage by electing this family named Clinton.  We have fallen so far from Camelot to Clinton.

What scares me the most about Hillary as President is that she and Bill are nothing at all like me and my family.  By electing “them” we are not just surrendering political issues.  We are surrendering the idea of family.  Isn’t there anyone that still believes that the family is worth fighting for?  Hasn’t the structure and strength of the traditional American family proven itself worth defending over the years?  Are we going to risk it all for the foolish, selfish and shortsighted idea of being able to say we have elected our first women President – at whatever the cost?  God, I hope not.

Elect a woman with all my blessings, but let it be another woman.  Any other woman.

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