What I am thankful for

This being Thanksgiving and all I wanted to spend a moment reflecting on the blessings I have been given.  I realize that I am one of the fortunate ones in life in that I have my health, a career, a family, and a promising future.  Others are not so lucky.  So here is a list of the things I am thankful for:

1.) That I didn’t get a mortgage from Deval Patrick’s Ameriquest and now face foreclosure and eviction like several thousand others in Massachusetts.
2.) That I don’t live in one of the towns that are facing the possibility of being home to one of three casinos that Deval Patrick wants to dump in someone’s back yard.  Along with the corresponding crime, traffic, and low-lifes no doubt.
3.) That I don’t live in Washington State where murderers released from Massachusetts prisons go to continue their unstoppable passion for violence and destruction.
4.) That I am not too heavily invested in the real estate markets in Massachusetts – where once comfortable investments are now losing value faster than Carbon Credits.
5.) That I am not a young minority male in the inner city of Boston, who stands a better chance of being shot to death than the troops in Iraq – and not a single Massachusetts politician gives a damn.
6.) That I am not a business “owner” in Massachusetts that faces a year with the likely possibility of countless new taxes proposed by Governor Deval Patrick.
7.) That I am not an illegal immigrant watching as democrat candidates for president argue that they want me to stay here, but they don’t want me to be able to work, provide for my family or have a driver’s license.
8.) That I don’t rely on the Mass Turnpike for access to my job, which is a never ending source of funding for government hacks.
9.) That I am not a public school student hoping and working for a decent education, but instead getting socialist lectures on how American troops are murderers, having two daddies is normal, religion is the source of all evil, Bush is a dictator and Hillary Rodham is the answer.
10.) That I don’t believe all that global warming nonsense that has made Al Gore almost 100 million dollars richer over the last four years.

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