Veterans Funding Remains Hijacked

Congressional Democrats Have Hijacked the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Funding

Our Troops and Veterans Are Being Used as Pawns to Further The Democrat Agenda

While 8 Million Veterans Wait on Speaker Pelosi for

$37B in Promised VA Benefits

Congress Goes on Thanksgiving Recess

Congressman John Tierney Remains Silent

Is This Any Way to Treat America’s Heroes?


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  • BUSH!!!!!

    Might as well get that out of the way.

    This is a pure political ruse for the consumption of ignorant voters.  Dems playing politics with military spending bills by slipping in bullshit that has nothing to do with the intent of the bill……so Bush vetoes it and then they can take all those that vote against such bullshit bills as this and throw it around during election time as “See, they don’t support the troops” nonsense.

    …and, as always, the troops will pay for it.