The “Fairness” Doctrine

While liberals seem to thrive in the print press and telvision studios, conservatives counter with domination of the live talk radio airwaves.
Knowing what we know of the liberal media bias thanks to a poll taken by journalists for journalists(85% vote for Democrats more often than for Republicans), it is safe to assume the hiring practices are due to ideology. Since the demographic makeup of America shows that 40% regard themselves as moderate, 35% conservative and 25% liberal, the numbers in journalism do not reflect the body of Americans. More condemning evidence against ideological neutrality in hiring of journalists is found when looking at college graduates and their ideological makeup. Less than 55% claim to be liberal. OK so while I have not proven anything, I am making the case for at least suspicious political bigotry in media hiring.

The reasons liberals can be successful in print press is easy to figure out. A writer can write what he or she wants and if the editor OKs it, it is printed without the ability of the reader to stop the writer mid-sentence and correct this or that. It, like a sanitized TV studio setting, is safe from the arena of debate.

Talk radio however, is far removed from the havens of after thought. We who host have no idea if the next caller will debate or agree, if he or she is a scientist or pizza deliveryman. What we say can be confronted and the audience holds a very high standard, not just for our positions but for the defense of them when assaulted. The people like a champion. Liberals, despite unprecedented, fantastic free advertising for Air America have failed on talk radio. Al Franken and his ilk have been defeated. First he stopped taking live calls when defeated consecutive conversations on a daily basis but then his positions sealed his own fate. Low ratings. This one unfettered bastion of conservative media is now under attack by Democrats and other liberals who have no plans to find FAIRNESS in the freedom of speech. Here in Massachusetts we are surrounded like Custer at Little Bighorn but our message  cuts through the masses of liberals like the gattling gun Col. George Armstrong Custer should have brought with him. Unless the advocates for implementing the Fairness Doctrine have plans to intervene with ideological balance in the television studios at PBS, ABC, CBS and NBC, they are clearly and simply wiping out a market conservatives own for no small reason.

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