Ron Paul Raises over $4M in one day

Remember back in January of this year when Mitt Romney raised a cool million dollars in one day?  Ron Paul just pwned him and every other candidate both Republican and Democrat in this race, except Hillary Clinton who raised 9 million in one day.  In a grassroots fired fundraising event over the internet titled “This November 5th” Paul raised around 4 million dollars.

Today, Nov. 5, marks not only Paul’s best fundraising haul in a single day — approximately $3.75 million by 11 p.m. EST — but online observers say it’s also the most money raised by a candidate on the Web in a single day. And the day’s not over yet. “Damn. Wow. Um, that’s pretty awesome,” said a stunned Jerome Armstrong who served as Howard Dean’s online strategist. Armstrong, the founder of the popular blog MyDD, said Dean raised as much as $700,000 in one day toward the end of the primary race. “But not a million,” Armstrong added. “What Paul is doing — or what his supporters are doing — is really impressive.” You can view all the fundraising data here.

I have mixed feelings about Ron Paul.  I am quite frankly scared about his insistence on an 18th Century foreign policy in this global age. It was fine in 1790 to go insular when it took 3 months to get a sailing ship from Europe to here, and the biggest threat you faced was the English in Canada. It is quite different in this interconnected age when one can fly halfway around the globe in under a day. I do however share many of his economic views and his steadfast refusal to support amnesty.  For me though his foreign policy is a non-starter.  But I will not succumb to not taking him seriously.  We must as a party, and events like yesterday’s prove that.

If we don’t watch it Ron Paul could be our nominee.  We in Massachusetts have seen what grassroots organizing can do.  Both in the case of Deval Patrick and in the case of Jim Ogonowski, whose grassroots army almost toppled the Democratic Machine. 

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