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  • Festus Garvey

    …based on this report today?

    If it turns into the Mitt/Rudy mudd fight, they both lose the debate and whomever among the other “possible five” that is seen taking the high ground wins.

  • demolisher

    Tuned in a bit early, Dobbs the fool is on with a panel of people I don’t know.  

    I could be wrong but these guys don’t seem to be very pro-republican.  I could swear I heard them make a joke about running as a multi-family candidate (Rudy – wife + gf police protection or something) and Dobbs and them laugh saying well I guess you can, if you are Romney.

    Class act.

  • 1) McCain tries for another “tied up” joke, but this time ~crickets~.

    2) Thompson will try to come off as bold and combative, but will appear whiny instead (as he did on FNS)

    3) Paul will get a question from a jewish supporter asking him to return tainted donations.

    4) The snowman will question Romney (of course), but also Giuliani.

  • demolisher

    Intersting way to introduce them when they came out, I missed the D youtube deal and I’ve never seen it like this before.  All the candidates looked good except maybe Paul who looked kind of old.

    Stupid pundits should shut their pie holes.  OK maybe that was a bit harsh.

  • demolisher

    A little unserious so far, even though they are ruling out most of the nuts.

  • demolisher

    Wow, really nice punches FLYING out of the gate here!

    Really strong both of them.

    Punches are FLYING!

    This is great stuff.

    Not sure if the truth of Rudy’s situation actually came out or not, both are attacking and defending themselves quite well.

  • I’ve said it before, he doesn’t do well live.

  • demolisher

    started out sad but not bad, going too long now, meandering.  Seems old.


    wow, they have the questioners in the audience and they just went to one of em for a reaction, boy thats weird.

    Tancredo oh gawd drop out soon please.  Now he’s articulating how he is against legal immigration as well.  FOOL!  DROP OUT!  

    Hunter:  whats the difference between you and Tancredo, again?  I forget.  OK, Hunter is better, I admit.

  • demolisher

    Here he goes..  does he believe the conspiracy?  This could be his Kucinich UFO moment if he screws up…    how is he doing, I can’t tell?  OK I think.  Avoided the UFO.  “Its not a conspiracy, its a contest of idealogies”  

    Thats about as well as you can do answering that question if you’re Paul.

  • demolisher

    missed a chance to talk about Newt’s government shutdown and how all that went, pal – otherwise good after another slow start.  Good and strong to close.

    Romney on spending:  uh oh sounds like he is BS’ing now:  veto every bill with pork or entitlements.  McCains heart was in it when he said that, not so Mitt.  Getting going now, wow it takes some of these guys a while to warm up.

    Rudy:  across the board spending cuts like Reagan did.  Do it now.  Commit not to rehire (replace) half the retirees from gov over next 10 years.  Nice!  Chuck failing programs.  Well done.

  • demolisher

    Wow, am i glad that they brought this up.  First to McCain –

    Does not support.  Try and fix the tax code some other way.  This may be one of the weakest points for McCain.  Now hitting back on Iraq against Paul, tons of boos.  Troops say “Let us win”  Wow finally cheers.

    Its gonna be Paul v. McCain on Iraq later on you can count on it.

    Now Paul again – McCain doesn’t understand the difference between interventionism and isolationism.  Against any other candidate that might have some credence but not against McCain.

  • demolisher

    No way!  Cool!

    Will you veto any tax hike?  (pledge)

    Tancredo:  Heck yea

    The yeses are coming so fast I can’t keep up with em.

    Rudy yes.

    Fred: yes but no pledge.

    McCain:  no pledge but I hate taxes.

    Paul:  Paul wants to raise taxes.  (joking)

    Hunter:  might have to raise taxes in a national emergency

  • demolisher

    Mitt:  food supply is important like energy supply.  Nice.  Ties it back around to energy from farm goods.  Nice again.  Score for Mitt.  Mitt is winning tonight so far.  Don’t unilaterally yank our support structure.

    Rudy:  “The governor is right…”  relative subsidies.

    BAM frickin Andersen whacks Rudy on the hidden expenses issue.  Rudy had nothing to do with the handling of those records.  He knows of nothing wrong with what they did.  Wow, a flat denial!

  • demolisher

    BRAVO!  So glad this question came up.

    Unfortunately its to Tancredo first, fool.  Immigration of goods is bad.  OMG shut it Tom.  Change trade arrangement entirely with China.  Yea.

    Hunter:  China is cheating on trade and arming up.  Stop them.  My bill would do it.  Buy American.

    Damn I so wish a serious candidate could have answered.

  • demolisher

    Thompsons ad is pure attack:  pro choice on Romney, pro tax on Huckabee.

    Anderson:  “Fred whats up with that?”  Fred:  “I wanted to give my buddies more airtime.  [laughs]  What do you mean whats up with that, its their words?!”  

    Nice exchange.

    Mitt:  I was wrong.  I’ve changed.  Well done I thought.

    Huckabee:  not so great.  I like to cut taxes.  If I’m getting attacked I must be out front.

  • demolisher

    Skipped some, now on Iraq;  An apparently Islamic girl asks what we can do to repair the image of US in the world.

    Guiliani nice response:  stay on offense, offend islamic terrorists, make it clear we understand the difference.

    McCain:  Keep up the surge:  if we did what the Democrats wanted to do, Al Qaeda would now be telling the world they beat America.  Well done.

    Hunter:  Look at everything America did for you.  I will never apologize for the US.  Nicely done.  

  • demolisher

    First to Romney, boy he hasn’t figured out how to answer this one yet.  Good follow up yet.

    McCain:  SMASHING Romney on waterboarding.  I don’t agree with him but he’s really strong.

    Romney:  Response is not too bad – don’t tell that bad guys what techniques we do and don’t use.

  • demolisher

    Nicely done, I have to say I’m happy Paul is in this.

    Also, I’ve been very happy with the debate overall so far.  Something about the questions coming from real people is just so much more..   real.

    OK infrastructure question now, ugh.  

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    My thoughts.

    Rudy and Romney turned this debate ugly and they will both pay for it.  Huckabee came off great.  Thompson looked old, Paul dizzy, Tancredo left out, Hunter okay, McCain lackluster.

    Things are heating up, but the format and positioning was clearly aimed at the 3-4 frontrunners.  I got a bit tired of Romney shucking and jiving the questions.  Rudy couldn’t answer a single question without talking about his (questionable) success in New York.

    I hand this debate to Mike Huckabee.  Huckabee had a great response to the tuition break for the children of illegals, he will handily wrap up the Christian Right vote (regardless of endorsements for Thompson) and he is witty and likable.  That will become more important as the weeks roll on – likability.  I simply don’t think I like Romney and Rudy much anymore.  I like Mike….

  • geo999

    The format:

    Childish and uninformative. It allows the sponsors (CNN) to blamelessly exercise bias through the selective choice of dopey utube questions.

    Idiot spots like the talentless opening song guy, the gun guys, the bible guy, the fake headscarf-girl, the what would Jesus do guy, etc. might be very entertaining for school aged snark lovers, but they gave me a freekin’ headache.

    Utube is a way that morons waste their time. It offends me to be subjected to it during a supposedly serious political event.

    My Winners:

    Huckaby – overall winner. Pushed the humble country preacher button a bit much, but came off as a man of principles, well spoken, unflinching.

    Mitt: more a push than a win, but handled well the weak jabs thrown at him by Thompson and Gulianni.

    Allowed that his past views on abortion and homosexuals in the military were wrong. Still the one to beat, left last night unscarred.

    My Losers:

    Rudy: Hurt himself with his moronic attack on Mitt re: the landscaper flap. He sounded like a democrat, and he looked and sounded uncomfortable while doing so.

    He obviously knew how contrived it was.

    McCain: Threw down the hero card one too many times. Challenging Mitt on torture was torture for the viewer – point Mitt.

    Thompson: still impresses me as an opportunist. His video did him no good. Among my last choices of the group.

    CNN: wasted first ten minutes with useless reprisal of past utube stupidity, allowed a cowardly clinton operative lengthy airtime without full disclosure. Post-game analysis was predictable and lackluster.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    Read Michelle Malkin’s article here: http://michellemalkin.com/

    About Contact Archives RSS Columns Photos   Michelle Malkin  Lead StoryDigging out more CNN/YouTube plants: Abortion questioner is declared Edwards supporter (and a slobbering Anderson Cooper fan); Log Cabin Republican questioner is declared Obama supporter; lead toy questioner is a prominent union activist for the Edwards-endorsing United Steelworkers