Republican Elected Mayor in Gardner!!

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Republican Mark P. Hawke, the son of former State Representative Robert Hawke, of Gardner, just won a STUNNING landslide victory over incumbent Democrat Mayor Gerald St. Hillaire this evening!!

Hawke won 72% of the vote to become the first Republican Mayor of the Dem stronghold city in recent memory!!!

Read about it in the Worcester Telegram in the morning! http://www.telegram….

Read about it in my blog this evening!! http://dennehyblog.b…

Mark ran on a platform of fiscal responsibility and change. His opponent ran on a platform of his experience and his connections with “friends in high places” (Deval Patrick, Senator Kerry, Senator Kennedy).

Check out Mark’s blog too: http://www.markhawke…

This is an incredible feat, folks, and Republicans near and far should closely examine this race to see how Republicans in Massachusetts can win elections.

This is great news!

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