Political Rorschach

From the NBC News website, h/t to Politico.com for the pointer (and THANKS to Politico for sending me a Politico T-Shirt and tote bag for no apparent reason!)

From NBC’s Mark Murray

RICHMOND, VA — We wrote about this earlier, but it bears another mention: Thompson seems to have a lot more upside as a candidate than many in the Chattering Class believe, at least according to the GOP focus group we attended here last night.

As another example, here were some of the focus group’s word associations with Thompson: “grandfather,” “father,” “conservative,” “soft spoken,” “good,” and “confident.”

By comparison, here were words for Giuliani: “good,” “cocky,” “cold,” “confident,” and “liberal.”

Romney: “leader,” “principled,” “good,” “smart,” and “articulate.”

Huckabee: “don’t know,” “funny name,” “Christian,” “conservative,” “good man,” and “fair tax.”

McCain: “Vietnam,” “strong,” and “confident.”

No one had views on Tancredo and Hunter, and Paul drew just one response: “too weak on national security.”

Here were the GOP focus group’s word association with Hillary Clinton: “dastardly,” “too liberal,” deceitful,” and “socialistic.”

And Obama: “too “liberal,” “hip,” “inexperienced,” “young,” “fake”, “unproven,” and “soft.”

Any word association you’d care to make?  And KEEP IT CLEAN!

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