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  • Shawn A

    I will be sending that troop a check. Is Cambridge Council still a separate council?

    It’s good to see someone in that town still is teaching values.

  • geo999

    I have been a Scout Leader for many years. And I find a couple things about this story somewhat troubling.

    I’m inclined to wonder if the leadership of this Cambridge unit was “off the reservation” with respect to established protocols for running events and dealing with municipalities.

    The group that I advise (a coed Crew, ages 15 – 21) has conducted many charitable events, food drives, etc..

    Any time a proposed event either requires or would benefit by cooperation with a municipal entity, we get on the agenda, and appear before the appropriate board at a public meeting, and/or get the necessary documentation in writing.

    In addition, we file notice of our intentions with the local Council.

    I see no evidence that the Troop in question took these simple, but necessary steps to ensure that their very well intended drive would go off without a hitch.

    Had they been in possession of the proper paperwork, then the complaining malcontent who ended their perfectly innocent enterprise could have very properly been told to STFU.