MFYR Targeted Candidates win big.

The Massachusetts Federation of Young Republicans, of which I am National Committeeman, targeted 10 races this fall municipal election cycle.  Of the 10 races we targeted 8 of those people won their election.  We spent a weekend day and or held a fundraiser for each of these winners. Here are the winners:

Paul Ferro (City Council Ward 2- Marlboro)- against Representative Leduc’s hand picked candidate.

Steve Levy (City Council at large – Marlboro)- highest vote getter in Marlboro – all incumbents re-elected, Congressman MacGovern’s aide came in fifth and out of the running.

Greer Tan Swiston (Alderman @ Large – Newton)

Monica Medeiros (Alderman Ward – Melrose)

Victor Pap (City Councilor Ward – Weymouth)

Pat O’Connor (City Councilor – Weymouth)

Adam Lamontagne (School Committee – Chicopee)

Dave Abdoo (City Councilor – Lawrence)

We will be running this program in the spring for town elections.  Please let me know of town candidates that could use our help.

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  • BrocktonDave

    In Brockton, we had two Republicans running.

    Tom Minichiello for Ward One School Committee was successful.

    Stephen Pina Ward Five City Council was not, but he has indicated that he is going to try again.

    I’d love to see if I can get you guys to help us for the next cycle!

  • I recognize a few names as being pro-family candidates targeted by MFI.

  • wavemaker

    I’d be very interested in reading your take on why these campaigns were successful (besides, of course, your YR help).

  • chrisinandover

    But in Lawrence, there was a general anger at the city government for the way it handled the budget crisis over the past summer. 3 incumbents on the city council and 2 on the school committee got ousted yesterday.