Longtime Republican Activist Constance Achin of Lowell Dies

Longtime Republican Activist and mother of former State Senator Nancy Achin (Sullivan) Audesse passed away on Tuesday and today’s Lowell Sun has a fascinating story on her life.

Politics didn’t become a part of Constance “Connie” Achin’s life until she was almost 30.

But once it did, her family’s fate was sealed every campaign season.

“The pingpong table in our basement would be turned into the brochure-folding and envelope-stuffing capital of the world,” daughter Nancy Achin Audesse recalled with a laugh yesterday. “We thought it was normal to go out every fall with a ward map to mark where brochures had been given out.”

By the time Achin succumbed to Alzheimer’s disease on Tuesday at age 83, her campaign machine had become legendary and she was widely known as Lowell’s political doyenne.

Rest in peace Mrs. Achin.

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