Is Hillary Clinton a Lesbian?

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Not that there is anything wrong with that of course….

I first got wind of this rumor a month or two ago, but refrained from posting it here due to the occasional knee jerk reaction to condemn and vilify anything I say regarding people’s sexual orientation.  In doing a bit of research about Bill Clinton’s secretive love affairs I came across a story about Huma Abedin who serves as an aide to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Huma is a very attractive young woman with olive skin and a slender figure.  Naturally, I assumed Bubba had a hand (or two) in her career growth, but it may be another Clinton that is actually on the move for her.

It seems that Huma is living with Hillary full time and not many people can explain the details of their secretive relationship.  Is it professional?  Is it personal?  Nobody is quite sure, but for now the strange partnership seems just a bit too close for some.  It is not that Huma is from a Saudi family or even that she is Muslim, but that she has somehow managed to work and wind her way into one of the most powerful political forces in America – The Clinton machine.  Her official title is “Traveling Chief of Staff”, but you must realize that job does not usually include room and board with the candidate.

When confronted with the question of being a lesbian Hillary denies it and calls it trash, but has never openly stated she is not bisexual.  Her popularity among the gay/lesbian special interests has never been higher and the story is now moving from blogs to the mainstream.

Read about it here on The First Post:…

Read about it here on Pravda:…

Read about it here on the London Times:…

And of course – Drudge:…

Whether Hillary is lesbian or bisexual or heterosexual is none of my concern, up until she asks to be the President of the United States.  Once she asks for that title and to represent me, as well as every other American, her sexual affiliation becomes my business.  We live in a world where we are now confronting nations that will put a person to death for homosexual behavior.  I find that mindset disgusting, but must admit that having a lesbian or bisexual in the White House wouldn’t help with negotiations any.  This question of Hillary’s “orientation” concerns me because she is supposed to be representative of us.  Should a nation that is largely heterosexual, Judeo/Christian and monogamous elect a woman to be President that is possibly lesbian, involved with a Muslim and currently married to a world class womanizer?  Is this the American family of the future?  I hope not…

Hillary’s sexual orientation may or may not become part of the campaign questioning any more than it is now, but if there is truth to it what happens after she is elected?  Will we have a lesbian in the White House?  Will Hillary divorce Bubba while Commander in Chief?  Will they live as a threesome?  Will we eventually have Hillary and the “other” first lady?

For the sake of this country I hope there is no truth to any of this, but the internet is alive with rumors right now and it doesn’t seem as though Hillary wants to address the outstanding questions.  I think it should be fleshed out because it will give Hillary one more thing to cry “piling on” about.

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  • Marlboroite

    Vote3rd, you grand provocateur,

    Since you’re willing to engage in, let’s face it, very silly rumor-mongering, are you then equally concerned about the situation with Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina?

    It is basically an open secret that Senator Lindsey Graham is a homosexual. That in and of itself is nobody’s concern (aside, perhaps, from the hypocrisy of his opposing measures to achieve legal equality for gays and lesbians). And you might even ask, “How does the sexual orientation of a Senator representing South Carolina affect me in Massachusetts?”

    The answer is that Senator Lindsey Graham is also active-duty military:

    Since 1995, Graham has continued to serve his country in the U.S. Air Force Reserves and is the only U.S. Senator currently serving in the Guard or Reserves. He is a colonel and is assigned as a Senior Instructor at the Air Force JAG School.

    As an active duty member of the military, Graham is subject to the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy. And, since the U.S. Air Force Reserves protects all of us, Lindsey Graham’s sexual orientation is, therefore, a matter for our concern, since it affects the well-being and functioning of our military.

    The only difference between Lindsey Graham and Hillary Clinton is that a current policy regarding sexual orientation impacts Lindsey Graham (and his orientation is, again, a pretty open secret), while Clinton’s situation is, again, idle and even silly speculation with no actual legal policy affecting her.

  • schulteraffe

    ….are ridiculous.

    And I take full credit for the motion of my knee…it tends to start jerking when it comes in contact with such moronic clap trap.

    BTW, there are also plenty of countries that hold women in little regard, some that might even see fit to whip women for being raped.  Where’s your tirade about the world not being ready for a woman President?  Not willing to go out on that limb?  Wonder why?  

    Pathetic really.

  • demolisher

    theorizing about the many deaths surrounding the Clintons, I guess it was an old chain mail that had (apparently) been discredited long ago.  That post got deleted.  🙂

  • There is only one way to be sure.

  • Paul Jamieson

    This Schultzie guy can squawk all day long about rumours, but at the end of that day

    Her campaign will be OVER

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    Read the Globe Story here:

    Here is a story from today’s Boston Globe about Mark Everson who until recently was the President of the American Red Cross.  The story details his dismissal from the job as a result of an extramarital relationship with a subordinate.  He was recently asked to leave his position because as the head of a congresssionally charged charity he is acting in the public interest and it was believed that this affair “diminished his ability to lead the organization in the future”.

    So why aren’t all men who cheat on their wives requird to leave office?  If the Red Cross can not be led by a womanizing man then clearly the country as a whole could not be led by a womanizing man.  So why wasn’t Bubba asked to go?

    Furthermore – If Hillary is having an extramarital affair should she be allowed to lead the free world?  

  • wavemaker

    if Hillary Clinton is a lesbian.

    I do care if she is engaged in a sexual affair outside of marriage without her husband’s knowledge.

    And I do care if she is engaged in a sexual affair outside of marriage with her husband’s knowledge (consent or not).

    In the first case she shows a penchant for dishonesty and deception, in the second a mutual disdain for propriety and morality.

    I would be one of the (I’m sure) backwards troglodytes who thinks that there it is immoral to engage in sex with others while married — even with an equally immoral spouses complicity.

    Call me old fashioned.

  • geo999

    …for the moderators to remove this entire thread.

    It was obvious from the title that it would be a trainwreck.

  • Knightbrigade

    lmao, let it hit 100 comments first….troll frenzy..can be funny.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    Here it is:

    Bill Clinton has ordered Hillary to ditch the beautiful campaign aide who dragged her into a lesbian love scandal, sources say

    It’s nice always being right…….