Ironic Reason for Senator Kennedy to Oppose Mukaskey

Senator Ted Kennedy has publicly declared on Blue Mass Group his being against President Bush’s pick for Attorney General Michael Mukaskey.  Senator Kennedy picks as his main reason for opposing Judge Mukaskey waterboarding, a practice that simulates drowning.

He refused to call waterboarding an act of torture and condemn the practice. He suggested that the Geneva Conventions may not apply to enemies we capture –

Really Senator Kennedy, do you really want to be using waterboarding as your major point of opposition to Judge Mukaskey.  I’m sorry but it seems really interesting coming from you.  Perhaps the diagram below can jog your memory as to why this is not a good idea.

illustration found at: Tom McMahon’s blog

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  • geo999

    …your philandering aldermen, and raise fat, drunk, man slaughtering U.S.Senator.

  • has not actually read the Geneva Conventions.

  • Ken Pittman

    Ted Kennedy “The conscience of the senate” and the liberal referee of morality.

    Waterboarding, no.
    Water Dashboarding, yes.

    Waterboard terrorists and throw them a towel to dry off once they provide data, no.
    Tear apart innocent babies technically in the womb and suck their brains down the sink, yes.

    Support Clinton and the bombing & invasion of Serbia. The bombing of Iraq, Sudan & Afghanistan. The invasion of Haiti.
    The incineration of Branch Davidians. The stormtrooper invasion of a private home to extract a boy from his family for the nation of Cuba.

    Condemn America for prosecuting the War on terror when focused on Iraq.