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  • Can’t say that I listen to talk radio very often, but I took a vacation day last Wednesday, and attempted at various times to listen to Todd be Howie’s fill-in.  The day before, Ron Paul had just raised 4.2 million and Romney had been endorsed by Paul Weyrich.  And just that day Guiliani had been endorsed by Pat Robertson.  Todd opened his program by talking about male circumcision.  Not being a topic of interest for me I turned off the radio.  At various times I’d check back to see if he was talking about Paul, Romney, or Giuliani.  But no.  He discussed male circumcision for the entirety of the show.  I thought that maybe I just caught Todd on a bad day, cause that was perhaps the worst talk radio I’ve ever tuned into.

    However, then I saw this complaint from a Todd listener at SaveWRKO:

    I had to run a couple of errands this afternoon and tuned into RKO (since the felon was off air) and caught Todd Feinberg.

    The discussion during the 3:00 – 4:00pm hour was indescribable.

    Thankfully, I exited the car a few times, but what I caught was enough.

    The talk focused on male urination habits (toilet seat lifting or not) and the callers who greatly pondered this inane topic – I longed for Michelle McPhee’s candy bar discussion.

    Also included were men who were teaching their sons to pee while sitting down. A woman who observed that women have two body functions performed while sitting and men sit for one – making three of four acts done sitting – concluding that men should sit at all times – and of course the my wife has fell in four times stories.

    Is Todd Feinberg really that bad?  Was he intentionally trying to be the worst talk radio show host he could for Howie’s benefit?  If not, how does someone like this get a radio show?


  • geo999

    Feinberg ain’t makin’ it.

    And his delivery is like muzak.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    At first I thought he was too dry – of course I was comparing him to Howie.  But then after a week of two I actually liked his style and found his dry wit entertaining.  He has a good give-and-take with Sandy and Lucky.

    The guy that really loses me is Felon Finneran.  He always sounds like he is drowning in his own saliva.  Can’t they feed him a sorbet or something to cleanse his mouth?  And that witch Kaprelian that appears with him on Wednesday is the worst.  God Almighty, she is awful.  She is pompous and arrogant and like all liberals – she thinks she is never wrong. 

  • the less people think of the miserable perfomance of the Preaident…the better.

    Next up….the race card…