How the Farm Team Won, or Death to the Standout

There have been a lot of questions about how our farm team members won their races.  It’s pretty simple they followed campaign basics.  Many times our candidates and their campaigns don’t follow simple campaign basics.  Their volunteers believe that if they aren’t standing out on the corner on a Saturday morning for 4 hours then people won’t know who they are.  It is time to put that push marketing practice to bed and follow what candidates in other parts of the country do, identify and turn out voters.  We as a party need to kill the standout.  The candidates the MFYR helped by and large understand that.

The MFYR refused to help any candidate that asked us only to do a standout for them. It was a waste of our and their precious time.  The activities we helped with revolved around voter identification by going door to door, or phone calling.  Mostly by canvassing door to door, where instead of lit dropping we actually knocked on doors and asked if the person was with our candidates.

Rob Willington and Peter Torkildsen at the MassGOP deserve a lot of the credit as well. The MassGOP invested time and resources to helping Municipal Candidates.  It is a fallacy to believe that local races aren’t partisan.  The Democrats don’t think that way and neither should we.  The MassGOP now doesn’t think that way and through multiple Municipal Trainings, giving voter vault access to allow candidates to more easily reach voters.

None of the candidates would have won though if they didn’t work, and to a person they did.  They knocked on countless doors, identified voters, sent targeted direct mail, and had effective GOTV efforts.  Many of these candidates like Greer Tan Swiston and Victor Pap have run for office multiple times before they won. 

When we focus on running real campaigns we can win and do.

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