Hillary Clinton campaign caught cheating

The New York Times reports today that Hillary Clinton’s staff was caught spoon feeding questions and answers to the audience.  Actually, they were caught not once, but twice at campaign stops in Iowa this year.

The story came to light when a Grinnell College student revealed that a Clinton aide had approached her and instructed her to ask a question regarding global warming of the senator.  The student was told to ask a specific question by a member of the Clinton staff.  When asked about the incident Hillary Clinton claimed she knew nothing about it.  The first time the incident accurred was last spring when a Mr Mitchell was told to do the same thing and ask Clinton a specific question.  Mitchell could not be reached for comment and is now supporting Barack Obama.

No big deal, but it sure does add one more chapter to the never ending story of Hillary Clinton’s disingenuous life and political dealings.

People expect candidates for office to come to their state and answer questions from the people of the state, not answer questions from some Clinton playbook masterminded by the machine in Washington.  Hillary is such a scumbag.

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  • Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno

    All campaigns do this. If they don’t they are not running a good campaign.  This is a non-story in my opinion.

  • nomad943

    Why hasnt it gotten traction by now? Thats some good stuff to hang around her neck IMO …

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    At first I thought this might be no big deal (and I said so in my post), but then I thought some more about it.

    The media has been giving Hillary a free ride for a long while.  But, I sense that suddenly things are beginning to change.  Hillary has had two months of very tough press.  In the last several weeks she has had to fight off repeat accusations of questionable fundraising with Norman Hsu, fight off more aggressive candidates at the last debate, and now she gets caught planting questions in the IOWA audience.  I don’t need to tell any of you how important IOWA is in this process.  Now her lead is dwindling in Iowa.

    I just get the distinct sense that Hillary is beginnning to lose her footing a bit and we haven’t seen the last of it yet.  Add to this that recently Dick Morris (former Clinton advisor) wrote a substantial piece detailing how Bill may be hurting Hillary on the campaign trail.  The stronger he looks the weaker she looks and vice versa.  Morris is so convinced of this phenomena that he hints that Bill may have to come off the campaign trail for a while.  Read it here: http://www.realclear

    At any rate, I think the dirt is beginning to stick on her facade.  People are beginning to believe that she is beatable and that is a huge change in the political winds.  I think the next 30 to 60 days are going to be extremely interesting.  Hillary is not the kind of person that shows well when she is mad and with all the press Obama is getting and the surge in other Democrat candidates we could see some fireworks.

    I would also add that this is important becuase so far the republicans have been campaigning on who they think can beat Hillary, but if Hillary ain’t in the race it will realign the GOP front runners for sure.  Lots of angles to consider here folks.