Fred’s Money Bomb

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It began with a a post to “Blogs for Fred Thompson” ambitiously titled National Day of Fred Giving! November 21, 2007:

Last night some Friends decided to pick a date for a National Day of Donation — November 21, 2007.

OBJECTIVE: A pile of cash to push ad buys, and a special Thanksgiving present for what Fred is doing.

Give Until It (almost) Hurts. For 24 Hours, starting at 12:01 a.m., so that the donations officially track all through Wednesday, 11/21.

Not fit to leave it at that, the ante was upped with an update to the original post:

In the last few days there’s been a push among Fred Heads to create our own “moneybomb” for Fred Thompson. We’ve now seen what the Paul Bots have been able to accomplish for a candidate who lacks the considerable support that our man Fred now has.

At some point in the next few days, we will be launching a new site designed to raise a considerable amount of money for Fred this coming November 21st. In order for this endeavor to succeed, we are going to need the support of each and every one of the Fred Heads out there.

The Fred “money bomb” effort got a (somewhat foreboding) push from National Review.  Fred Heads in the thousands millions feverishly called into talk radio programs to spread the message.  A technologically savvy Fred Head was even able to garner a coveted recommended blog slot on  All the elements seemed to be there for a truly massive haul.

And then November 21st happened.

As I write this on November 22nd, I expected to be able to go to the “Fred’s Giving Day” website and report on what the grand total was for the previous day.  Alas, the website has been scrubbed clean of the pledge tally that was being kept.  Luckily, I was able to access a copy of the original page that included a working tally widget from google cache this morning.  As other blogs have reported, and as I can now confirm for any naysayers, the grand pledge tally for Fred’s money bomb is 86.  Click the image below for a full sized screen capture.

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How much money did the campaign get from those 86 donors?  I doubt that information will ever be made public.  For a high estimate, it’s safe to assume that those 86 enthusiastic Fred supporters at least gave the suggested amount of $100.  For a low estimate, it should be kept in mind that more than a few of the comments at indicate that some only gave $25.

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