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    I think this is a homerun for Fred Thompson.

    First: Fred comes off as a tall, powerful man with a great speaking voice and a solid sense of conservatism.  Fred uses all the right props in the ad such as a flag, picture of Ronald Reagan, and an adept use of the words “conservative”, “free markets” and “God”.  Fred also has a great voice and that means a lot more than you think.  The ad closes with a solicitation (in person) to join him with a donation.  Most candidates miss that closing and fail to call the people to action.  Big plus for Fred Thompson.  The ad comes off less like a resume of accomlishments and more like a philosophy of leadership.

    If played at the right time and the right frequency this ad will most hurt Romney and Huckabee.

    Very impressive ad.

  • where he says “I know I violated my oath of office and infringed on First Amendment rights…..but you can trust me with another oath of office…”