Deval Considers Abolition Of State Police Details

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Boston Herald reporter Michele McPhee reports today (11-2-07) that Governor Deval Patrick will consider “wiping out costly state police details on state roadways and replacing them with flaggers as a way to cut the state’s bloated budget.” Certain law enforcement representatives were less than enthusiastic:

“It just means less cops on the street,” said Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association President Tom Nee, whose members would not be affected by Patrick’s idea.

“We welcome him reviewing the facts. We believe he will arrive at the same conclusions his predecessors did: It is a greater value to the traveling public to have police officers and troopers on the roadway than flag men.”

If the governor is serious about his idea, conservatives should get behind his proposal. They should call his office to express their support & contact their local legislators to ask said legislators to help make the governor's idea a reality. If conservatives in general & Republicans in particular want to be considered players in public policy, they need to make a good faith effort to work with certain Democrats when said Democrats offer solutions that make non-partisan (or even bipartisan) sense. The abolition of state police details is a great idea that should be supported by anyone who cares about the health of Massachusetts.

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