Democratic Debate on CNN – Open Thread


LAS VEGAS, Nevada (CNN) — With Sin City as a backdrop, seven Democratic presidential hopefuls will go head-to-head on the issues Thursday night, but the biggest pressure may be on Sen. Hillary Clinton.

The candidates will debate at the Thomas and Mack Center on the campus of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

The debate, hosted by CNN and the Nevada Democratic Party, is the first showdown between Democrats since Clinton’s stumble at a debate in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Michael Gravel was not invited again.  Information on his alternative and simultaneous debate can be found here.

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  • demolisher

    So far:

    Hillary – I missed her response to the drivers license issue but what I have heard has been frickin SHRILL baby.

    Richardson – currently talking about how the surge is failing and proposing a bunch of nonsense

    Biden – something about this guy I like

    Kucinich – wwoooooooo  hey was that a UFO?

    General:  wow no one would reward good teachers.  its too hard to tell who is good, good means you teach in the ghetto, or have a higher degree  (Biden – sucker).  Incredible that the supposed party of the people sucks for kids and schools.  Where’s goldsteingonewild when you need him?

    Obama:  hard to say. 

    more to come if I’m inspired.  I have to say that it is exceptionally painful to watch a democratic debate, and it was watching the 04 debates that really inspired me to hate democrats as much as I do.  Nonetheless this one seemed important enough to watch.

  • demolisher

    So far we have the following disasters:

    – no child left behind  (no follow up on what makes this a disaster)

    – all aspects of our international trade (according to Edwards)

    Clinton looks AWFUL.

    Am I biased?

    Answering nafta now – triangulating but doing a decent job at it.  China product safety issues, 3rd party investigative arm needs to be imposed on US corporations that do business in China.  Wow somehow this is a US corp. problem who knew!

    Nafta again – what is she saying?  I don’t know.

    How is there a panelist named John Roberts?  Some CNN guy?  I guess I should watch CNN sometimes instead of just reading

    Dodd (who?) is now blaming China in juxtaposition with US corps.  Does anyone care?

    Obama now on China – decent.  Despite the fact that I might choose satan (Hillary) as D pres if forced to choose a D, I’m hoping obama becomes viable.  Because F*** EDWARDS I MEAN COMON REALLY?

  • demolisher

    Wow, they must have put alot of effort into this.  Her initial answer is very well done.  Follow up question puts her on her heels and she hits back on the questioner but still doing pretty well. 

  • demolisher

    I think the moderators are doing a good, fair job.  They aren’t backing down and following up on dodges.  Obama got busted on missing the Quds vote and he came back (to his credit) and immediately said it was a mistake.

  • demolisher

    To his great credit notes that the patriot act does not authorize racial profiling as alleged by a questioner and swallowed by the candidates.  A dose of reality? 

    Is there anything bad that the patriot act can’t do in the eyes of the deranged left?  Is there anything negative that it in fact has done?

  • demolisher

    Biden:  oh yea

    Richardson:  sort of

    Kucinich:  yes plus 50 new entitlements

    Hil:  it equals privacy.

    (ed:  I’m pro choice but I think Roe is a “disaster” and I’m floored that a potential issue of life and death can be relegated to “privacy”)

    Obammer:  protect the vulnerable (like minorities or outsiders).  Weird!

    hairboy:  yea recognize Roe as settled law + privacy.

    lots of issues with questioners getting their questions out

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    Clearly she was well prepared, unlike Obama who fumbled the exact same question that Hillary did two weeks ago regarding drivers licenses for illegal immigrants.

    What sticks out in my mind – An audience member asks the question of how to unite a clearly divided country and Hillary’s response is “They said the same thing when I went to New York, but I united people in the rural and urban areas, rich and poor, blah, blah, blah”.  BUT, moments later she states that an attack on her by John Edwards is right out of the Republican playbook.  How can she say she is for uniting people then turn around and slam Republicans in a broad brush stroke???

    No one is more divisive than Hillary…

    Last thought – I have no idea why Joe Biden isn’t leading that race.  He has the most experience and the most well thought out plans.  I guess the race has nothing to do with issues.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    Biden – 1019 votes = 9%
    Clinton – 2267 votes = 21%
    Dodd – 362 votes = 3%
    Edwards – 1785 votes = 16%
    Kucinich – 2478 votes = 23%
    Obama – 2705 votes = 25%
    Richardson – 368 votes = 3%

    Just thought it was interesting…