Boston Globe circulation down 6.66%

Read the USA Today story here: http://www.usatoday….

It’s enlightening that when a study shows newspaper curculation down an average of 2.6% over the last six months ending in September that the Boston Globe is down almost three times as much.  The Globes circulation is now down to 360,695 readers.

I wonder what they could do to make readership go up instead of down?

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    If circulation dropped 6.66% in six months then it would likely drop about 13% in a 12 month period.  Doing the math – that would equal about 50,000 people cancelling their subscription each year.  That happens to be just about the gross number of people that move out of Massachusetts each year.  Of course some of those people are replaced by newborns, illegal immigrants and others, but my guess is that cancelling their Boston Globe subscription is the last thing 50,000 people do before moving.

    A perfect correlation my friends – until the Boston Globe stops printing stories about how terrible conservatives are and how awful religion is people will continue to run away in droves.

    Just my thought for the day.

  • wavemaker

    in significant part to the reduction in parakeet sales.