A lazy, simplistic editorial

The lead editorial in the Boston Sunday Globe (Nov. 4) condemning the “intellectually lazy analogy of Islamism to fascism” was difficult to take seriously after reading this whopper of a paragraph –

“Al Qaeda and company cannot be compared with the fascist powers ruled by Hitler, Mussolini and Franco – neither for their ideas nor for their military power. The Nazis scorned religion, wanting to make the state the sole object of worship. Bin Laden and Hitler might share a proclivity for cruelty and killing, but for little else. Hitler cherished the operas of Wagner; bin Laden and his Taliban allies have been known to put musicians to the lash for playing music at a wedding. And bin Laden has no panzer divisions.”

“… Bin Laden and Hitler might share a proclivity for cruelty and killing, but for little else …”

Amazing. Where to begin?

Bin Laden and Hitler share far more than that, unbeknownst to the intellectually lazy editorial writers at the Globe. For example, the main thing they share in common, an elephant-in-the-room parallel that all but the most oblivious can ignore, is in their visceral loathing and wanton pathological cruelty toward Jews. And there’s no “might” about it.

How about these for other parallels – Hitler and bin Laden’s absolute intolerance of dissent, an unwavering belief in the alleged messianic quality of their respective crusades (yes, crusades) and the utter lack of anything resembling irony, self-deprecation or introspection.

Agreed, “bin Laden has no panzer divisions.” Nor did he need them to destroy the World Trade Center, inflict grievous damage to the Pentagon and slaughter 3,000 innocent people in less than two hours.

Most importantly, Hitler and bin Laden share something else in common – a wolf-like grasp of appeasement disguised as well-reasoned argument from their foes.

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