Voter ignorance and personal responsibility

We should not allow anyone to be elected to a federal office without the public being aware of their views on genetic engineering of human beings.

There is a huge variety of opinion on whether or not to allow people to “fix” their genes when having children, and whether to allow labs to merge two ova or two sperm to make children for same-sex couples, and other giant issues.  Some people are transhumanists, and some people see the dangers of transhumanism.

This is not a trivial issue, and it is not far off in the future.  If it is to be banned in time, it will need to be banned by the people we are electing to office right now.  And if it needs to be researched and funded and regulated and made safe, that too will have to be done by the people we are electing to office right now.  So no matter what future you want, you’ll want to know if you are voting for a candidate who agrees with you or not.

Please show that you prefer knowledge to ignorance by calling for in-depth answers from all the candidates on these issues.

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