Tsongas Uses Photo from 9/11 related ceremony to attack Jim Ogonowski

The Lowell Sun is reporting today in “The Column” that the Massachusetts Democratic Party used a photo from a 2003 ceremony where Jim Ogonowski, and John’s widow Peg received on behalf of the Dracut Land Trust a check to preserve farm land in Dracut in Honor of John Ogonowski.  What is absolutely disgusting is that the photo was taken at a ceremony honoring the Ogonowski farm’s commitment to Immigrant Farmers.  A program that helps immigrant farmers learn agriculture in their new country.  A program that spawned the “John Ogonowski Farmer to Farmer Act” a program that is like a Peace Corps for farmers.  The Mass Dems use of this photo and cropping of Marty Meehan out of the photo shows how low the Democratic Party will stoop to keep power. 

Tsongas has tried at every pass to tie Ogonowski, a Republican, to an unpopular president. Ogonowski shares many positions with President George Bush, though by no means is he a parrot for the administration.

Last week, the state Democratic Party sent out a mailer with Ogonowski’s picture in a lineup with Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. Ogonowski, in silhouette, is wearing a trench coat, which makes him look more like a sinister CIA agent than a Dracut hay farmer.

The unretouched photo comes from November 2003. Standing directly to Ogonowski’s right is then-U.S. Rep. Marty Meehan, who presented Ogonowski with money to help preserve his 33-acre farm in Dracut as a living memorial to John Ogonowski, Jim’s brother, who died in the 2001 terrorist attacks.

The mailing in question was Paid for by the Massachusetts Democratic Party and Authorized by the Niki Tsongas campaign.  This is dirty politics at it’s worse.

The Column goes on to explain that the Ogonowski team is negative too.  What is their example that team Ogonowski said Niki left the district and really doesn’t live in it, but lives in both Charlestown and Chatham.  Hardly a negative attack, that is the truth. 

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