Tsongas’ Democrat friends stalling bill to keep internet access tax free

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We see this morning that the Democrats are looking to raise taxes again:

At issue is a law dating back to 1998 that generally prohibits state and local governments from taxing Internet access, including DSL (digital subscriber line), cable modem and BlackBerry-type wireless transmission services. It also prohibits “discriminatory” taxes that treat products sold on the Internet differently than those in brick-and-mortar stores, but it does not deal with the separate issue of imposing sales taxes on goods bought online.

The current law is set to expire November 1, and Republicans have complained that their Democratic colleagues are moving too sluggishly to renew the expiring rules.

I wonder how Tsongas would vote on this issue?

I’m pretty sure Ogonowski would speak up for us, the people who use the internet, to keep it tax free (both in terms of access and later in terms of sales tax).

The article goes on: (sorry, didnt mean it to sound like Ogonowski said this:)

“I believe the will of the House is clear–a strong, bipartisan majority of members want a permanent ban on these burdensome taxes,” he said. “Unfortunately, the actions of the Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee do not reflect the Congress’ commitment to ensuring the Internet is free from excessive taxation and regulation.”

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