State Senator Augustus (D-?????)

According to the Worcester County Freedom Trail, State Senator Edward Augustus no longer lives in Worcester..  They cite the Worcester Telegram as stating:

State Sen. Edward M. Augustus Jr. signed a legal document attesting that a three-bedroom condominium he bought in Boston in January is his principal residence.

After signing the “Declaration of Estate of Homestead” – which protects property owners from some creditors’ claims of up to $500,000 – the Worcester Democrat voted in Worcester’s Sept. 11 preliminary municipal election, in possible violation of election laws that require voters to vote in the district in which they live.

While Mr. Augustus, who is Senate chairman of the Committee on Election Laws, maintained that he never intended for the condo to be his main home and bought it only as an investment, a Republican critic said his ownership of the Boston property shows not only disregard for election laws but also that the lawmaker is not connected to his Senate district.

Will Senator Augustus be forced to resign? 

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